I wish I’d done everything on Earth with you.


. . . and it has been nearly and only one week since have been home, and it has already been the best week ever, for, while travel is always wonderful, being oceans apart is not, and being reunited once again with someone who loves you more than anything is everything.  Yesterday was a sunny, breezy Saturday, and we spent the day picnicking in the garden; and there were figs and elderflower pressé, fallen petals on the lush green grass and the sounds of birds, always birds, filling the air; we were barefoot and warm and happy.  And later that afternoon, roamed about the city and the romance of cobblestone streets, falling easily in step amidst the manicured lawns and glittering lakes with carelessly drifting swans; there would be a dinner reservation at a new restaurant and oysters, followed by a film [The Great Gatsby] at the cinema, and a leisurely walk home, still light, despite the late hour, in the late-May sunset . . .

hope you’re having an impossibly romantic [long] weekend, and that it’s beautiful where you are,
roséline xo

a f e w  l o v e l y l i n k s

* places : the welsh countryside
* décor : cynthia frank
* travel : la jolla, san diego
* gatsby inspired : this delphinius diadem swarovski crystal headpiece & flapper hair band
* design : soft linens & concrete
* in the studio with : françois houtin
* always : this leopard print carpet
* recipe : a better butter tart
* places : backstage at the ballet
* inspiration for the new week : at the office
* from the times : a beautiful story

{as always, a few things you may have missed:}

* how-to : the top 15 best DIYs of the moment
* recently : @thisisglamorous via instagram
* summer style inspiration : white on white
* décor inspiration : cool classical
* like a fairytale : tiaras made of pretty petals & gilded leaves
* iphone photography : the streets of london
* at the office : the classic trench & a side ponytail
* home again & a brand new week
* a charming mix of things : number eight
* style inspiration : chic in chambray with a white blazer
* colour inspiration : champagne & gold
* hope you’re having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links

[image : audrey hepburn & hubert de givenchy // title, quote from the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald]