{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}


{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}

. . . in mid-december, as you know, there was a few days in paris, and while there have been many such trips before, on this particular trip, there was a ride on le grande roue, overlooking the jardin des tuileries and as far as the eye could see, and photographs, of course, of all our favourite places . . .

{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}
{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}

. . . in fact, these, taken on the trip, were some of my very favourite photographs, ever, and could not wait to show you; however, upon our return, and on the morning of new year’s eve . . .

{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}
{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}

. . . while attempting to retrieve a video clip that had been accidentally deleted the previous night, p unintentionally reset my iphone, causing all of these very favourite photos of paris, along with the last four months of travel and of life, as well as some four thousand other photos, to vanish forever, and in only a few seconds’ time . . .

{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}

. . . and while there were very nearly no new year’s celebrations that evening, in the end, with everything in perspective, came the realisation that sometimes, just sometimes, in the things we lose, we are reminded of the things we have . . .

{travel | iphone : photographs of paris & learning to let go}

{p.s.} these last few photographs here, were the only ones to survive, as they had been published in instagram

[images : photography with iphone & instagram : @thisisglamorous] xo

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  • I would love to know what your favorite setting on instagram toaster etc. Your pictures, as few as they may be, are lovely.

  • Sometimes, beauty refuses to be captured and kept. It’s fleeting – gone in an instant – and asks only that we enjoy the moment. Sorry you lost your photos, but the lesson (and the few surviving images) are amazing.

  • Gosh, I can only begin to imagine the kind of heart-sinking experience you must have been through. It seems trivial to lament over the loss of images, but I’m sure they would have held a cornucopia of beautiful memories. There is still a lovely notion that these moments will still linger in that gorgeous mind of yours…

    …And of these images, they are so impossibly elegant and beautiful and I am struck at your incredible aptitude in capturing not only a subject, but a moment. I feel as if I’m suspended in the whimsical raptures of Paris, even a few seas away, and in the balmy Australian heat…

    Sending love and hoping you can replay all those captured images in your memory. <3

    Mandy xxx

  • Anonymous said...

    Such beautiful photos. Brought tears to my eyes as is always the case when I am overwhelmingly touched by beauty of any kind.

    Life has a way of teaching us lessons when we are ready to learn them. Great outlook to see the greater lesson in learning to let go, which can mean different things to different people. Reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie lost all her files after her laptop caught a virus which wipped it out clean. In the end she learned a valuable lesson of love…and of course the importance of backing up ;)

    Wishing you the best of the best in your lesson of letting go

  • Oh, I am so sad to hear about this, Roséline! I love browsing through photos in my iPhone, remembering those particular moments of my life which were beautiful and important enough to earn a picture. I admire your ability to let go, even if it must have been difficult to lose so many pictures! At least, the ones saved on Instagram are simply stunning!

    xx Ivana

  • Great pictures! love the tulips :)

  • @[email protected] happy you were able to get your photos back, and yes, do have the cloud, and was about to back up the phone & move everything over that very morning, but it was too late

  • kathy — thank you & yes, normally do move the photos from my phone to a computer [using image capture] regularly, and was set to move them all that morning, when the unfortunate incident occurred . . .

    will check out the shutterfly app as well x

  • So sad you lost so much but these images are exquisite.

  • My heart goes out to you. On my one and only trip to Paris, the night before I left – after a week of adventures – I accidentally reset my camera and deleted all of my pictures. I was devestated. Luckily, I have all manner of brochures, ticket stubs and postcards I collected on that trip and, of course, my memories.

  • audrey — thank you :) xoxo

  • These photos are amazing, I love Parisxx

  • I am so sorry – what an enormous loss. But the pictures here are really beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

  • Beautiful photos! I’m so sorry you lost your photos. I was sick over my lost Paris and London pictures when my old computer crashed. Just yesterday, I was able to retrieve them before it shut down again. Do you happen to have icloud?

  • Anonymous said...

    Oh no!
    As a scrapbooker and someone who loves photos this makes me sad!
    Recently found that the Shutterfly app lets you move your photos from your iphone pretty easily!

    Something else to think about is backing up photos that you have on your computer to another location like flickr or shutterfly.

    : )


  • Roséline, I’m in love!!! with these images.

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