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Anne of Green Gables : a fascinating  story, very dear to my childhood, and one that remains woven into my  very being. Written by the legendary Canadian writer, Lucy Maud  Montgomery, this popular story takes us along a journey of a struggling and  terribly witty orphaned girl, taken in by a lovely lady and her brother. The fiery girl grows up to be a woman of courage and great imagination — with a  fondness for dreams, the intricacy and enthrallment of literature, and, of course,  adventure. 


Moreover, it was a story of the heart, as Anne  searches for a home, a family, a kindred spirit, and within the story,  has found her very first and true love. I was first introduced to this  heart-warming story at a very young age, and instantly fell for its time  period — for the quiet and gentle sentiments of the past — and a  kinship to the orphan who was so expressive and full of life . . . and  disliked her red hair equally as I did mine!


The story of Anne  has touched so many people over the years, since it was first published  in 1908 [with over 50 million copies sold worldwide], and amplifies the  majesty of the Canadian province, Prince Edward Island, painting it as one of the most beautiful and welcoming islands, to visit and to live, in all of the world. 


This enchanting island, fondly referred to as the ‘Garden of  the Gulf’, is one of three Maritime provinces in Canada, and is also the smallest, with roughly only 140,000 inhabitants today. It is also the  birthplace of confederation, and calls many to visit for a picturesque vacation of relaxation and of inspiration.


Surrounded by sand and  Canada’s most luxuriously warmest beaches, namely Basin Head and  Brackley Beach, one might never wish to leave such a place. And whether  one prefers to relax on the beach, go sailing and golfing [as the island  is known as the number one destination in Canada for golf], tour the iconic light houses [such as Point Prim and Panmure Head] or  stroll along, hand in hand, or stop for an afternoon picnic — the beaches offer days of delight and many new, fond memories to be collected along the way . . . 


“Look at that sea . . . all silver and shadow and vision of things not  seen. We couldn’t enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of  dollars and ropes of diamonds.

—Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

There are numerous fresh  flavours, activities and events to enjoy throughout Prince Edward Island — fish and oysters and Victoria by the Sea, and pottery classes to take, villages to see [such as Avonlea],  farmers markets to shop and historical cathedrals to visit.


And as the waves pour in and crash over the rocks and famous red stone cliffs, one cannot help but ponder the beauty and spectacular views of an island that feeds the imagination and delights  the soul with sea breezes, lush greenery and the most welcoming people.


{a few fun facts . . . }

* The island was named after Prince Edward Augustus [the Duke of Kent], the father of Queen Victoria
* Prince Edward Island holds the world’s largest bridge over ice-covered waters, The Confederation Bridge
* P.E.I. has red soil due to the high iron content, which oxidizes when exposed to air
* Over 250 million people visit the Green Gables site in Prince Edward Island National Park each year
* Residences are referred to as Islanders, and are very proud of their culture
* The island was originally named St. John’s Island
* The national flower of the island is called The Lady’s Slipper



And  so today, we share this wondrous island with you, and hope that  you enjoy its splendor much as Roséline and I  both do . . .  




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Sarah Klassen
Contributor, Vancouver

Even as a girl, Sarah spent hours curled up in her home library, exploring enchanting tales, lands to be discovered and explored, intriguing stories, and timeless beauty. What resulted is a lifelong passion for love and authenticity, delightful simplicity and beautiful moments. Educated in design, marketing and English, Sarah’s keen eye and aesthetic allow her to immerse beauty and heartfelt passion into both her personal and professional projects.

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  • Anonymous said...

    This is wonderful. Thank you for the Canadian content… semi-affectionately called CanCon here.
    Toronto, Canada

  • The photos illustrates really well the description of this island. I’d like to visit it one day.

  • I love this post! Anne of Green Gables was definitely my favorite book when I was younger. Actually, I loved the whole series! Now I want to go back an re-read all the books!

  • Oh thank you for sharing! I, too, grew up on the Anne of Green Gables series and dreamed of going to Prince Edward Island. I will bookmark this for a trip there someday!

  • Beautiful post, enjoyed reading every bit of it. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit!.
    [email protected]

  • Aww, this post is so dear to my heart! I live in neighbouring province Nova Scotia, and every summer, New Year’s and march break growing up, we’d go up to PEI to stay at my best friend’s grandparents’ cottage. I have so many fond memories of the island. It’s truly as beautiful as you’ve described here. :)

  • Lovely images! This really takes me back- as a Canadian girl, I spent many a summer on PEI and many an hour reading LMM’s books. (My favourites were the Emily of New Moon series, but Anne was a classic.) I especially loved the 1980s miniseries starring Megan Follows- I’ve been known to quote it to this day!

  • Great blog! Amazing content and style! Thanks for putting it together..

  • What a beautiful article. Love the way you pulled all the different facets together.

  • Oh my goodness, that top shot is just beautiful!

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