{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
Love is in the air, as they say, particularly as we are approaching what is, arguably, the most romantic month of the entire year: February. But romance is certainly not limited to a single day, or month for that matter, as the very words, love and romance inspire hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of sonnets and ballads, songs, paintings, and notes and declarations at any given time.

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
For love is entirely a matter of the heart, apart from all that is grounded and tangible, and perhaps that is why great minds, for decades, have tried to capture its very essence.

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
And with the lifting of the winter‘s cold, afresh with the promise of Spring, we may welcome romance in all its forms, be it a quick expression of appreciation, written by hand, and left on the bedside table, or a dazzling bouquet of fragrant blossoms wrapped in tissue, or the simple joy of spending time walking, in the intimacy of fresh air, talking and dreaming together . . .

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
And so, today we explore a number of possible getaways for two, with ideas for fun activities and romantic dining. For some, a romantic getaway may entail a remote little cabin, delightfully furnished with cozy comforts and a roaring fire, ideal for reading and relaxing, while for others, a fine hotel in the city with museums and the theatre to visit, and even still, for others, somewhere exotic calls. But no matter your preference, this guide aims to assist you in planning a tailored getaway to remember always . . .

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}


When choosing different destination options, there are three things to consider: scenery, activities and climate — with these in mind, select a location and plan a trip as elaborate as you wish, be it an hour or two from your city, or ten hours away by plane. Once you have both discussed and considered your options, and just how you wish to spend time together, selecting a destination for your trip will be simpler. Below are the three main sections, broken down with some main ideas to discuss:

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}

01 | scenery

A. Do you seek the vast mountains? Somewhere snowy and magical?
B. Do you prefer the design and rhythm of a city or a town destination, with plenty of places to see?
C. Do you like warmth, the beach and abundant sunshine?
D. Do you enjoy nature, untouched, and pristine waters, far away from it all?

02 | activities

A. Do you enjoy mountain retreats? [skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, skating]
B. Do you prefer taking in the arts/culture? [city tours, history, museums, shops, theaters]
C. Do you seek sandy beaches? [swimming, relaxing, sailing, snorkeling]
D. Do you desire nature, serenity and tranquility? [fishing, relaxing, horseback riding, spas]

03 | climate

A. Do you enjoy the icy cool mountains, brisk snow and warmth of an accommodation after a full day?
B. Do you look beyond climate, and focus on experiences, surroundings, culture, architecture?
C. Do you enjoy warmth, everlasting, and sunshine that only fades as the evening arrives?
D. Do you enjoy foggy mornings, crisp afternoons, clear, starry evenings?

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}

If you selected mostly A’s, perhaps you might look into a snow activity-based trip, such as: Cortina, Italy; Stow, Vermont; Banff, Alberta; Mont-Tremlant, Quebec; Aspen, Colorado; etc.

If you selected mostly B’s, perhaps you should head to a major city/town destination with plenty of activities, such as: Paris, France; Chicago, U.S.A; Bangkok, Thailand; Udaipur, India; Beijing, China; etc.

If you selected mostly C’s, you might seek somewhere warm, such as: Cape Town, South Africa; Miami Beach, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; Barcelona, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santa Monica, California; etc.

If you selected mostly D’s, a quaint escape to a lovely cabin or cottage far outside the city might be nice, such as: Prince Edward Island, Canada; Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; Tuscany, Italy; Clare, Ireland; etc.

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
{an additional note} :
As a couple, you may have to compromise on your wish list if you both do not enjoy the same scenery, activities or climate. Alternatively, perhaps a road trip or train excursion might be a nice way to take in a bit of what you both would enjoy.

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}


* build a collection:
seek places [such as shops] to help build your collection [be it old clocks or books] or start one together

* take a class:
pottery, cooking, photography, horseback riding, dancing, a new language

* do things you have never done:
as Holly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” suggests, take turns doing things you’ve never done all day

* blend in:
take the day as it comes and be a local for the day — if you see something of interest, follow along

* capture:
capture each other, the scenery, details, moments happening around you [or build on a theme]

* see the sights:
planetarium, solariums, conservatories, museums, monuments, architecture, lighthouse

* take a tour:
helicopter, cycling, horseback, walking, historic, architecture, museum, wine and/or cheese, caves, waterfalls

* be active:
water sports, hiking, rock climbing, windsurfing, swimming, golfing, surfing, kayaking, sailing, archery

* be entertained:
sports games, the theater, a concert, a play, the ballet

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
ROMANTIC DINING | a few lovely suggestions

* plan a picnic for two:
be sure to include some favorite things you both enjoy. [it never hurts to include a little surprise or two as well]; it could be set on the beach, in a park, rooftop, etc.

* theater under the stars:
outdoor movies not only provide entertainment, but often a romantic backdrop for conversation and maybe even a little dancing

* a private dinner for two:if you are tucked away in a remote location, send your significant other off for a short time, and set up a lovely table and meal

* fine dining:
treat yourselves to a fine dining experience — look for something unusual and quite unique perhaps

* take a dinner cruise:
a romantic dinner cruise over the water is such a beautiful way to spend the evening

{take me away № 16 | valentine’s inspiration for a romantic getaway}
{additional things to pack}

Be sure to consult your packing list to be certain that you have covered all of the essentials, but in addition, you might include:

* a little surprise gift or two [it needn’t be elaborate, just thoughtful] * note cards, loose paper, a notebook, and favorite pen
* poetry books and/or a few novels to share
* music that you both enjoy listening to

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