{monday, monday & a wonderful new week}


. . . hello! it’s lovely to see you again — how was your weekend? here, there was much, much relaxing, all the way and blissfully through until sunday evening, at which time, finally and reluctantly, all the summer things were stowed away [as planned quite some time ago], closets emptied and old favourite blouses and spring sweaters rediscovered; there was also time for many cups of coffee and long, slow mornings, the light flooding in, little by little as time slipped dreamily by . . .

[and now, a new week and back to work, and already, a few things:]

* updates to features & favourites, especially the how-to section
* new, upcoming {take me away} & {favourite five} posts
* and a few tips & tricks for iphone photography

happy monday! hope your week is off to a perfect start,
roséline xo

{image: city drowns}