{the first snowfall & a little romance}



. . . there is just something about this time of year that makes everyday feel even more romantic — perhaps it is the millions of tiny twinkling lights, or the champagne, or catching of one’s breath at the sight of the first snowfall, each floating snowflake drifting soundlessly and beautifully against the window pane, whatever it may be, somehow, everything feels tinged with a little romance . . .

{p.s.} and to p., meet me under the mistletoe x

{image: tiffany & co. via confetti and cocktails}

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  • … reminds me of the little surprises all of us love from our loves… we always catch them a little before the surprise is given but we pretend not to.. romantic winter..

  • Love that gorgeous picture. I’m so enjoying the snow falling!!

  • This has made me long to go back to Paris for some reason. Aside from the bitter cold, it’s so romantic in winter.

  • Agreed! We rarely get snow here in Texas (tear), but the fires inside, the sparkling lights, the cozy textures…every excuse for some good cuddling! :)

  • So beautiful. Is that a Tiffany box I see?!
    Have anise weekend.

  • rebecca — oh! positively adore that thought — and yes, that encapsulates the very thing am feeling — an utter love of life . . .

    hope you’ve had a wonderful week,

  • So romantic! I love Chesterton on romance: ..For romance was only the name given to a love of life which was something much larger than a life of love…

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