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A Royal Wedding | With this Kiss: Prince William & Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey


. . . must confess, still a little caught up in the romance of it all, the stolen glances and secret smiles, the horse-drawn carriages and chantilly lace, the balcony kisses and moments so breathtakingly lovely, can barely stand it . . .


prince william & catherine, the duke & duchess of cambridge


detail of the exquisite wedding gown, put together by hand by sarah burton of alexander mcqueen, it is a perfect intermingling of tradition and modernity, with a bodice of ivory satin made of hand-cut english lace and french chantilly lace, over ivory and white satin gazar {a sheer, lightweight silk organza with a glaze-like sheen and moderate stiffness}; individual flowers were hand cut from lace and hand-engineered onto the ivory silk tulle to create the design, which features rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrocks, the national flowers of england, ireland, scotland, and wales; 58 gazar & organza covered buttons ran up the back


the eight-tiered royal wedding cake was decorated with 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers, including 17 different blooms and foliage for their meaning and symbolism, known as the language of flowers

the veil was made of layers of ivory silk tulle and trimmed with hand-embroidered flowers, sewn on by the royal school of needlework at hampton court palace


royal-wedding9the bridal bouquet included myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth and sweet william blooms; in keeping with royal tradition, stems from a myrtle planted by queen victoria in 1845 were also added; according to tradition, the bouquet of a royal bride will be left on the tomb of the unknown solider in westminster abbey; the late queen mother began the ritual by leaving her wedding bouquet at the grave in 1923 in memory of her brother, fergus, who was killed in the first world war



. . . and of course, with all of this week’s talk of tiaras . . . kate’s something borrowed‘ was the cartier halo tiara, made in 1936 and purchased by king george VI for his wife queen elizabeth {the queen mother} three weeks before he succeeded his brother as king; the tiara was presented to princess elizabeth, now the queen, by her mother on the occasion of her 18th birthday; the new princess catherine matched the tiara with earrings by robinson pelham, a gift from her parents inspired by the new middleton coat of arms

{p.s.} for the royal wedding reception, catherine changed into a second alexander mcqueen gown, and her sister pippa changed out of the stunning mcqueen into temperley london

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  • What a beautiful recap!!

  • Stunning. Here’s a link to see some glam old Hollywood wedding photos if you’re in the mood to browse…

  • love this post. makes the whole thing even lovelier. thank you

  • Love your round up and last week’s post on the history of the various tiaras! So fascinating!

  • Thank you so much for putting this together. Of course, I watched the wedding and have seen snippets all around the web but I haven’t seen some of the photographs you’ve posted. I also love the tradition of using myrtle in the bouquet and leaving it on the tomb of the unknown soldier. The black and white shot is stunning. Wonderful post!

  • AhHH. I”m in still SOO in awe with this wedding…and can’t get enough of kate’s GORGEOUS DRESS!!!!!

    I want my to be just like hers noW!!!

  • I too cannot get enough. I was so giddy with excitement watching over and over again their little glances at each other and just the pure beauty and awe of the ceremony. I would love to see what happened that night at the partayy!

  • It’s wonderful to learn all these details on the dress and the traditions behind the royal wedding. Kate looked incredible!

  • This is such a lovely post! I absolutely loved everything about it, disappointed I couldn’t get down to London to celebrate it with all the other thousands. But I thought it was just beautiful and so romantic.

    The dress was just stunning, I thought she looked so beautiful. And it’s so nice to have a proper fairytale- normal girl falls in love and becomes a princess. How perfect is that?!

    I could watch the video of that kiss over and over again!

  • just a perfect recap.

    from an ordinary girl into a princess… one of my favorite details was certainly the smile of absolute delight on her face – the video of the kiss captures it perfectly!

  • Absolutely breath-taking in every way! Her dress was sumptuously elegant and your write-up was great. :) Check mine out:

  • those photos are gorgeous! I absolutely loved her dress. She looked stunning.

  • You chose a gorgeous collection of photos. It was such a beautiful day, I got totally caught up in the romance, which I wasn’t expecting… and that veil made me swoon (my fav photo is the one of her looking down in the veil)

  • beautiful post about a beautiful wedding! and the dress was perfection! *swoon*

  • You pulled off the perfect, most beautiful of royal wedding posts. My husband even loved the animated kiss! It was a day that only dreams are made of. So very perfect down to every minute detail. We’ve watched the wedding 4 or 5x’s and all the history on the BBC all weekend.

    Cheers and thanks for the lovely recap.

  • the overcast weather was perfect for photographs…no squinting. And oh ya, THE DRESS was perfect too. I must say, Prince Williams red uniform is stunning.

  • And the overcast weather just worked to their advantage…great lighting for photographs…and no squinting. Oh, and ya, THE DRESS was perfect too ;-)

  • My gosh, her waist is so tiny! you can really see it in the photo of the second dress. I loved watching the kiss on the balcony–I was amazed at how many people flooded the streets! Nice little roundup, R:) xx

  • amazing round up and great post!

  • Nice post. I just loved the wedding! They looked great

  • Gorgeous post, I drooled over each and every image!!!!

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend!!

  • What a truly lovely post with the perfect pictures and details…I am loving the black and white video of their kiss!!!

    Liesl :)

  • Beautiful pictures, love your blog!

  • Loving all these details! What a day. Gorgeous.

  • Wonderful coverage! I’m so angry that I missed it!

    A plus,

  • she truly looked radiant and he was handsome as ever…truly a fairytale…

  • I must admit, my heart leaped a bit when I saw that you provided a 2nd post on the royal wedding…because I too in fact am still quite caught up in it all! Utter romance and sheer elegance, nothing short of amazing… and perhaps a few tears were shed at the sweet & grand love story unfolding for the world to see.

    I absolutely love the fact that Sarah Burton was the chosen designer, and she certainly wowed! How amazing to learn in your post here that the hand cut individual flowers incorporated the national flowers of England, Ireland, Scotland, & Wales…. and to learn that the royal wedding cake also had symbolism with with the use of blooms and foliage. I think one of the most beautiful and exciting parts for me, is that there is so much tradition, history, and incredible meaning & symbolism wrapped up in this glamorous & exciting occasion!

    I definitely thought about you as I first caught glimpse of the tiara and I have to thank you so much, Roséline, for providing us a history lesson regarding tiaras. It really helped & was even able to appreciate more after learning so much about the story behind the gorgeous royal tiaras! It has been an utter privilege to share this exciting & glamorous event with you here.

    Wishing you a romantic & spectacular Saturday!


  • Kate is just… wonderful !

  • It really was such a fairytale. *Sigh*

  • I really enjoyed that post. Thank you for sharing!

    ♥ sécia

  • Great post! Everything about the wedding exceeded my expectations. I agree that the best part of the whole thing is that they seem to genuinely love each other : )

    p.s. she’s not actually Princess Catherine, she’s Princess William of Wales because she’s not a princess in her own right. Not that it matters much but just FYI

  • Oh, dear, I’m crying again just from reading your post. It was such a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect and they looked so happy.

    Thank you so much for the lovely pictures and details of this special event. I think I will be pouring over this post for a bit longer….


  • fxox said...

    Oh we loved the wedding!!

    What a lovely post Miss Roséline


    She looked stunning, as did her sister.



  • I’m still studying it all, too. Can’t get enough! I love this post. Thanks for it!

  • What a gorgeous post to commemorate a gorgeous celebration..I loved the understated elegance of it all..including luminous kate’s dress..I just wish people will stop talking about how she didn’t wear something more modern ..she wore what she wanted for her big day and that’s all there is to it..what i loved the most was the genuine love the couple seems to have for each other…Have a lovely check out my impressions of the royal wedding on my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  • the whole thing is so beautiful and dreamy!

  • Oh, I am so head over heels wrapped up in the Royal Wedding…Kate’s dress was so LOVELY but the best part was the intimacy and love that Kate and William really share…heart melting!

    xx Cat brideblu

    {ps. adore your blog…and following!}

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