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{auld lang syne}



. . . even before the clock strikes midnight, already a nostalgia for the year we leave behind, {although suppose it is always that way with good-byes} . . . and yet, few things are lovelier than the overwhelming excitement and perfect anticipation for the days and months that lay ahead . . . and there are still so many things left to discover, words left unspoken, and plans to be made, there are new places to travel and dreams left to dream . . .

so let’s raise a glass to the past, to no regrets and springtime in paris, to red lipstick and pink champagne, to art and architecture and the kindness of strangers, to meeting again and to friends, to morning cups of coffee and laughter on a winter’s night, to dinners for two and little adventures, to lives well lived and impossible accomplishments, to beautiful happiness and kisses at midnight, and most of all, to you . . .

thank you for coming along with me wishing you a new year lost in love and the beauty of dreams,

~ roséline xo


{images: 1 – from me to you via greige; 2 – we heart it; 3 – a previous post; 4 – 1st dibs via lonny; 5 – cupcakes & cashmere; 6 – we heart it; 7 – coin sculpture by justine smith via pinterest; 8 – a previous post; 9 – hand lettering by alan ariail}

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  • I raise the glass with you… for all those lovely things you mentioned and more… for more sushi nights with my loved man, for feminine things and the always feminine ballet. For all things pretty that makes us smile. Cheers!!!

  • i’m a really late here, but i really wanted to wish you an excellent year full of happiness, success and extraordinary experiences…

  • Such lovely ideas to express that feeing of newness and anticipation.
    Happy New Year to you.

  • Anonymous said...

    wow, beautifully said!
    and lovely pics… love sequins <3
    i know i’m a bit very late, but i wish you an absolutely amazing, beautiful and glamorous new year!!!


  • simply seductive — thanks so much, linda! absolutely one of the loveliest thoughts ever, although you always leave the most wonderful comments — here’s to an impossibly beautiful new year xo

  • hello everyone! thanks so much for your lovely, lovely comments & new year’s wishes! so very happy to have such wonderful readers & very much looking forward to spending more time with you in this brand new year xoxo

  • bellamumma — thank you! x

    dream weaver — so happy to hear & new year’s wishes to you as well

    dustjacket — sounds like you’re as sentimental as i am :) here’s to an amazing 2011!

    amanda swann — thanks so much

    tabitha — thank you! was a little bittersweet to write — always feel a little wistful when a year ends

    helen — thank you! & the same to you for the new year

    cwork — :)

    sandara — so nice! thanks so much xo

    lili — & that makes me happy :) happy new year to you

  • …to sequins too!
    Happy new year to you.

  • sequined leggings?!! wow.

  • I really really love the sequin pants. I came across a pair this week at forever21 and was so close to buying them. Not sure if I could have pulled them off as fabulously as this girl did!

  • Lili said...

    You make me so happy!!!!
    Happy new year Reseline

  • i love the shirt with the sparkle sleeves!

  • i love that sequins shirt!

  • Happy new Year Rosaline! Thank you for bringing beauty and joy into my life everyday.

    xo. Sandra

  • Happy 2011, Roséline! Wishing you a year with lots of sparkle. xoxo

  • Your typography makes me so unbelievably happy every time I read your blog. Happy New Year doll!

  • Happy New year, Roseline! Loving all the sparkle – the perfect way to start 2011!
    Much love,

  • Happy New Year, Roséline… you and your wonderful blogs always make me feel that each day is New Year’s Day, that anything is possible and how important it is to live life to its fullest.

    Thank you and hoping all your dreams come true!

    Linda, xo

  • Happy Newyear, sweetie!

    I like your blog!
    &. Maybe you’ll like to follow me, so we can follow eachother?

    Love &. Kisses, Valerie

  • Beautifully written post.All the best in the new 2011. Helen

  • What an utterly beautiful toast.

  • Such a lovely and inspiring post. Hope your New Year’s is awesome!

    The Cheeky Cafe

  • Oh how beautifully put, makes me a little teary.

    Thank you for all the inspiration, encouragement and support this past year! I appreciate it so very much.

    Wishing you much happiness for 2011,
    xxx DJ

  • I heart your beautiful blog and it’s pretty pictures. I especially loved this post. Here’s to a joyous and blessed new year :)

  • I heart your beautiful blog and it’s pretty pictures. I especially loved this post. Here’s to a joyous and blessed new year :)

  • I heart your beautiful blog and it’s pretty pictures. I especially loved this post. Here’s to a joyous and blessed new year :)

  • Wishing you the happiest of new years…
    Love your blog and look forward to more gorgeous posts this year!

  • Happy New Year Roséline !

  • Happy New Year sweetie!

  • Happy New Year Roseline! Hope it’s the best yet!


  • Happy New Year wishing Happiness, Love and much Success!

  • Ah…was just over at side project and then read this post- so lovely my dear!!

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