{scrapbook: a countryside picnic}


countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}



countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

8countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

countryside picnic, photography by p for {this is glamorous}

. . . spending most of our summer weekends away in the countryside, markets and antique shops on saturday mornings, leisurely dinners that last until nightfall and, most wonderfully, a summer picnic on a perfect july afternoon, deep green leaves flickering in sunlight, intermingling with battenburg lace and the scent of sweetheart roses, champagne and the glimmer of vintage cut crystal, fine floral print china and fresh strawberry tarts, and most of all, the air filled with a dreamy and magical light . . .

{p.s.} our last picnic

{images: photography by p & this is glamorous © august 2010, image five – excerpt from a quote by henry wadsworth longfellow, also used here}

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  • These pictures are definitely dreamy and magical. I wish I was there.

  • Such pretty images that you’ve captured! I love the tone, the layers, and of course, the dog — the perfect little touch of fun with such a romantic setting. Lovely :)


  • Perfect, crystal on picnics is a must and just adore the glimpse of your dog, how beautiful. Loving the battenburg lace too.

  • yes please!!!! love this.

  • these photos are so gorgeous! you must have had a wonderful time. it’s so good to see ‘real’ images now and then! and henry w. longfellow is perfect for the occasion!

  • I wish my picnics looked (or even tasted) as delicious as these photographs.

  • So lovely!

    + how adorable – is it your dalmatian? What’s his name? :)


  • awww, you’re always so lovely — thanks, bee! and so sorry hadn’t had a chance to answer your previous comments re: nyc — will send along an e-mail now!

    {p.s.} thanks also for the wonderful comment at our previous picnic!

  • Your life is a fairytale and I love it!

  • rachel – you are so lovely and so wonderfully thoughtful – thank you! and of course, a pleasure for the comment – thanks again for the wonderful award xo

    ruth – thanks, lynn! and also for the fun parcel in the post! and yes, it has been a stunning summer…

    charmaine – thank you so much! and watching the sail boats go by sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon – hopefully you’ll have time for a picnic as well

    felicity – why hello miss felicity! and thank you :)

    ruth – it was henry wadsworth longfellow, and yes, one of my favourite quotes – have also used it here:

    anonymous – thank you! the picnic basket is vintage, but
    williams-sonoma has a similar one, or you could also try here

  • Love these, simply magical and dreamy indeed!

  • beautiful, makes me want to go on a picnic too :D

  • Anonymous said...

    gorgeous!!! the light is beautiful and the photos have such a relaxing feel.

    where can i find a picnic basket like yours? it is ever so lovely.

  • ow, these are SO beautiful. I actually used that quote for my summerdiary (some Henry said that, if I remember it good)

  • FXOX said...

    Oh lovely, lovely, lovely, Miss R. Bring on the R & P photos

  • Oh my heavens, this is absolutely beautiful! These images are filled with ROMANCE! They are so dreamy! That picnic basket is divine, I love it!

    Today would have been a perfect picnic day, but I enjoyed watching sail boats go by. That was fun! I think tomorrow I’ll be having a picnic too. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope your having a lovely week so far!

    God Bless,

  • Oh my, these are stunning photos Roseline! Amazing and ethereal. Sounds like you’ve had a fabulous summer!!

  • Your picnic is absolute perfection, how gorgeous! I’m mesmerised by your style and the beauty that you share with us all. What a cute dog too! In Rome, I had a few picnics like this and now I’m inspired for more. :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment today by the way, you are so inspiring!


  • hello everyone!

    can hardly believe it’s nearly thursday – thanks so much for all the wonderful comments about our summer picnic – has been a while since we posted a few personal photographs, so it’s always lovely to hear your thoughts…

    hope you’re having a fantastic week,

  • a blonde and a brunette – think you might as well – soon it will be winter . . .

    priscila peters – thank you!

    Hannah – thanks so much! so happy you’re enjoying them

    lupi – was such a lovely day

    c – you must! while there’s still time . . .

    miss gray – thank you! the charming bf took all of the photographs

    anonymous – sounds lovely!

    punctuation mark – you as well, and a picnic in central park sounds fantastic

  • so pretty!

  • Since I’m still on vacation in NY I can’t help but think i would love to have a picnic in Central Park… have a nice one!

  • Anonymous said...

    Thanks for this post! You inspired me to plan a picnic party :)

  • Ohhhh this makes me wish I was outside enjoying the beautiful sunny weather!!

    Such beautiful pictures!

    Miss Gray

  • What a pity summer’s slowly fading, I’m tempted to do a picnic tomorrow. Its been ages since I last spent the time so leisurely…it must be wonderful to bask in that sun!

  • this is so dreamy! it would be just great to spend a day like this…champagne, sweets, roses…perfect! thx for sharing!

  • This is so lovely! You have had some amazing posts this week!

  • Congrats on this post. It’s very nice. All the images are dreamy!!

  • What a lovely way to spend a day…just perfect!

  • these pics make me want to run outside immediately, but then i remember it’s 100+ degrees where i live:)

  • Those pictures are amazing. I love everything about them. The only thing I don’t love? How they remind me that I’m stuck in 100 degree heat today {sigh}.


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