{bonne fête de la bastille!}


. . . hello again! dashing about all week, meetings and appointments, the salon and late lunches and there are still a million things on the to do list, but it’s summertime, summertime . . . and stopping in for a quick hello and also to wish all the beautiful friends and family in paris and the south of france a happy, happy fête nationale/bastille day!

hope you’re having a spectacular week,

{p.s.} a few fabulous french things:
* a fun app: for navigating the paris flea markets
* a shopping guide: for le marais

{images: 1 –
kate spade ad campaign via the terrier and lobster; 2 – danske on flickr; 3 – etsy via creature comforts ; 4 – a previous post; 5 – kristatomic; 6 – we heart it}