{have a romantic weekend}

. . . has become somewhat of a tradition to send along fondest weekend wishes after the weekend has already begun . . .

and so, where ever you may be, hope you are having an utterly beautiful weekend,

{a few lovely links:}

* inspiration: magic surrounds {via a cup of jo}
* photography: stop & smell the roses
* spring things: shoulder bags + bicycles
* art: beautiful student work {via kate}
* glamorous: glossy hair + red lipstick

{as always, a few things you may have missed:}

* pretty, pretty: florals
* shoes, shoes, shoes: stiletto heels + pom-poms
* rustic elegance: a farewell to wintry things
* colour inspiration: morning light + smokey violet

{for the weekend:}

* how to: a classic english hand-tied bouquet
* perfectly luxurious: chanel shoes + velvet

{and one last thing:}

* a give-away: cable and heart bracelet

images: sigrid agrin by alasdair mclellan for french label new man spring/summer 2009 via miss at la playa; new man spring/summer 2010 here}