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Lately have been coming across beautiful “handwritten” words across walls as art, in warm and wonderful messages such as “it’s beautiful here” {above} and “And I Love You” {below}, and love the idea of being always inspired by favourite words and phrases . . .

The piece {above} is a neon wall sculpture by Tracey Emin, installed above a photograph by Darren Almond and an incredible glass box filled with gold leaf that sits on the coffee table, from David Gill Galleries.

{images: top – photography by Henry Wilson for House & Garden October 2008; bottom – from Haldane Martin’s home in Cape Town, South Africa, as seen on AT}

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  • LOVE this idea!

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  • sara said...

    I saw the sign its beautiful here on this flickr photo: She explains about the artist and i love it (and in the black and white!)

  • The “It’s beautiful here” originates from an artist in South Africa. And it really is beautiful here!

  • Oh I love the “It’s beautiful here” sign! I’ve seen handwritten made of wood but I love this one!

  • love that photo hanging on the wall! looks beauiful!

  • Tina – thank you , and so glad you found your way here :)

  • Great sculpture in neon and a beautiful glass box filled with gold leaf. I would like to hang that on a wall!

  • wow, what a beautiful blog, can’t believe I only found it today (but so glad I did!) :)

    The word sign is so cool & the gold leaf table is stunning, and indeed very glamorous!

  • Oh wow! Writings on the wall.. that’s a totally innovative concept to me! And somehow, I adore the neon script… all of a sudden, neon doesn’t look tacky to me :)

    And the gold leaves? Out of this world.

  • I am crazy about letters and words. I made myself a telephone wire word for my wall – “see”- and now want to do another one to complement it – “look” – but I’v found that the second word is way more difficult to fashion than the first one! Must try again …

  • I love this idea. I have always had a thing for neon signs.. but it doesn’t suit my french provincial room.
    I do also love ït’s beautiful here”, what a lovely thing to have on a wall

  • it is indeed beautiful in here!!!

  • your blog is so beautiful!♥
    Lots of Love

  • Oh wow, I love them! Lovely “handwriting” always makes me tingle. Though I don’t usually like neon script, both works are absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful find.

  • the gold leaf is absolutely STUNNING! it was the first thing that caught my eye. what a fantastic idea!

  • Those signs are absolutely beautiful. I wonder if you can have them made with your own script?

  • Anonymous said...

    I love Tracey Emin’s use of words. She is my favorite artist and I was glad to see her work here.

  • I love both sentiments. But, I would love to hang that top one. Wonderful!

  • It sure is!!!

  • Caroline — you’re welcome — Have had little time to visit other sites recently, but have been trying to get to all the very regular readers who always take the time to say hello :)

  • I’m loving that “It’s beautiful here” message. And that velvet sofa is gorgeous. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my little blog. They always fill my heart with joy! I found that we have a lot in common darling! xo

  • oh, that’s a great idea and they look amazing!

  • I love that first one! I have always loved “word” art and would love to have that top one in my home! Gorgeous!

  • Jennifer — what a lovely thought :)

  • Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something!! :)

  • I actually really love the neon script (I wouldn’t expect I would).

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