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News 09.06.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

A handful of global giants dominate the industrialisation of the Amazon rainforest, extracting tens of billions of dollars of raw materials every year, according to an analysis that highlights how much value is being sucked out of the region with relatively little going back in.

News 07.06.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Do you remember life before podcasts? Yes, obviously, is likely to be the short answer. Podcasting is still a relatively youthful medium, after all. In fact, it is exactly 20 years this month since the format’s invention: Open Source – a politics and culture discussion show hosted by the journalist Christopher Lydon – debuted in the summer of 2003, and is widely considered the first ever podcast. (Not that it was actually called podcasting at that point; the term was coined the following year by Ben Hammersley in an article for the Guardian.)

Décor Inspiration: More Warm Minimalism (& a little Ornate Austerity)

AS MENTIONED earlier, we’ve been searching for a coffee table that we both love. It hasn’t been an easy search, as I was looking for something with Carrara or Viola marble, but P was looking for a wood one. In the end, we discovered that there aren’t that many choices available after all, but in our searches, did come across all of this beautiful décor inspiration showcasing the warm minimalism style we talked about earlier in the week, juxtaposed with a little ornate austerity.

News 05.06.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

On July 13, 1833, during a visit to the Cabinet of Natural History at the Jardin des Plantes, in Paris, Ralph Waldo Emerson had an epiphany. Peering at the museum’s specimens—butterflies, hunks of amber and marble, carved seashells—he felt overwhelmed by the interconnectedness of nature, and humankind’s place within it.

Notes from the Weekend

ON SATURDAY we embarked on an epic bicycle ride way past Wimbledon for a panini from a food truck run by an Italian couple. It was the latest episode in P’s food frenzy since we’ve been here, and he has many more places that he’s been dying to try.

News 02.06.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

On Wednesday, for the first time in over seven months, sneakerheads put aside their love-hate relationship with Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and resumed a love-hate relationship with his Yeezy sneaker brand—which is to say, loving to buy them and hating to miss out.

News 31.05.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

A touchscreen hanging in the middle of the exhibition highlighted all the questions for everyone to see. Would you have a chip implanted in your brain to make you smarter? Would you leave your elderly mother or baby in a robot’s care? Should that robot have rights? Would you allow supposedly impartial artificial intelligence (AI) software to judge your legal case? Would you transfer your consciousness to the cloud in order to live forever?

At Home With: Katja Nordkvist

WE’VE BEEN DOING quite a bit of décor research lately, looking for storage solutions (double wardrobes, bookcases, consoles⏤that sort of thing) and came across YouTuber Katja Nordkvist‘s serene home in Denmark.

News 29.05.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Within minutes of my decision to hand my life over to AI, ChatGPT suggested that, if able, I should go outside and play with my dog instead of work. I had asked the chatbot to make the choice for me, and it had said that I should prioritize “valuable experiences” that contribute to my “overall well-being.”