Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 20.11.23

THIS WEEKEND we went to a little Cantonese restaurant in King’s Cross that promised the best dim sum in London. The place was tiny (maybe 20 seats), with an unexpected atmosphere of loud music set against a large black and white mural on the back wall with decor that was simple and streamlined. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting when we arrived, being tired from all the events beforehand and hungry with anticipation, I’d started to wonder if we’d made the right decision. Of course, all of these reservations fell away when I took my first bite. It was delicious. We found out later that this tiny family-run restaurant was actually included in the Michelin Guide as one of their seven best dim sum restaurants in London, praising it as something you might come across on the streets of Hong Kong or China. Definitely explains the long queues and the hype. The fresh, handmade soup dumplings alone were insane.

This week’s links include 11 best Paris hotels, and the most charming red toile Christmas ornaments; taffeta dresses and matching hair bow clips, and much, much more.


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