Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 27.09.21

IT WAS ONE OF THOSE sipping drinks at sunset kind of weekends, the clouds tinged pink at the edges and a hazy light falling on the countryside and hills in the distance, causing P to remark that you could mistake it for Tuscany. I have been melancholic, of course, because I always feel this way when the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, but it’s also kind of cosy and very romantic, our late nights now spent by the fireplace. I am currently reading a novel (it’s my break from Hume, which can get heavy at times) that has all the main characters constantly checking their phones and communicating by email and it all feels a bit much, which, I think, is the point that the author is trying to make. I’ve begun deactivating accounts again and pulling back from the ones that seem to be the most harmful and it seems to be making a difference on my energy and outlook. I saw a video clip with Stormzy recently, discussing how he deleted all of his social media accounts because he was “lit in real life”. I laughed, but also thought about it for a long time afterward.

This week’s links include press crease trousers and quilted jackets for autumn days; Karl Lagerfeld at Sotheby’s, how much time you should spend outside, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* A Light Beige & White Showroom Makeover For New Works

* For Autumn Days: these Relaxed Press Crease Trousers & this Quilted Jacket

* Sotheby’s to Auction Karl Lagerfeld’s Furniture, Art, Cars and More

* At the Office: this Pink Hopsack Wool Blazer & the Wicker Handbag

* The ‘20-5-3’ Rule Prescribes How Much Time You Should Spend Outside

* Outside: this Oversized Trench Coat & these Chunky-Sole Leather Boots

* So, What Is Ricotta Cheese, Anyway?

* For the Winter Days: this Belted Wrap Coat & these Belted High-Waisted Pants