Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 01.03.21

P JUST TOLD ME about a new app that has been touted as the new anti-Instagram app. The fact that there is now interest in Instagram alternatives could be a sign that it is losing its popularity. Either that, or with everyone turning away from WhatsApp in favour of more secure options, perhaps Facebook’s reign our privacy and data is finally coming to an end. Daniela invited me to the new Clubhouse app a few weeks ago, and after only having had time to use it a few times, I quickly realised that it seemed to be filled with chancers and charlatans. In the first set of Articles for this week, there is an article from Wired discussing the very same findings. Another article that I had read last week had stated that it was either going to be the next big thing, or it would be dead by July. I see it dying, perhaps even earlier than then, which is a good thing, as who has any time or energy left for more social media? Here, the days have been bright and sunny and spring-like and we’ve been spending most of our time outside. On the weekend, we took a moonlit walk late Friday night, and the on the next night, P told me that he saw the most beautiful shooting star. Things always seem to be more hopeful when springtime is near and we’re filled with happiness these days at the possibility of it all…

This week’s links Toile de Nantes and bright yellow for spring days; printed silk scarves, focaccia bread art, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Iconic Prints, Textiles And Wallpapers | Toile De Nantes By Pierre Frey

* We’ve restocked all of our wicker & rattan pieces at The Shop

* Décor: bright yellow for spring days

* Work from Home: this Long Belted Knit Cardigan & these Pearl Drop Earrings

* A Modern A-Frame Cabin in Lake Tahoe, California

* For warmer days: this Tiered Mini Lace Dress & this 14k Gold Heart Locket

* In the Kitchen: Focaccia Bread Art

* At the Office: this Printed Silk Scarf & this Tote