Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 30.11.20

AT THE SAME time that I was contemplating wearing sequins over the holidays even if everything ends up small and socially distanced and low-key, a package arrived at the door containing an extra-fancy pair of sweatpants. Now that I (and everyone in the world, it seems) have been spending our lockdown days in sweatshirts and hoodies, it seems foreign to being wearing silk skirts and strappy heels, or button-up blouses and midi dresses. It’s been such a long year that the idea that anything will ever return to the way it was seems unlikely, but here, we haven’t lost hope. And the village is beginning to look festive with brightly coloured lights strung all along the storefronts and in the trees in the market square. The pub one street over from us has its tree up outside by the front door and this year, garlands have been added alongside the fairy lights and it really feels like we are living on a film set. We are lucky, we know.

This week’s links include comfy pants and dainty earrings, and checked tweed jackets if you miss dressing up; holiday decorations, a book review, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Skye McAlpine’s Holiday Décor

* Work from home: this Fuzzy Scallop Knit Vest & these Earrings

* The most incredible vintage Chanel jewelry through the years

* For the weekend: these Comfy Pants (these too) & these Dainty Earrings

* Carlos Garcia’s guide to decorating for Christmas

* So chic: this Checked Tweed Jacket & this Classic Tote

* Book Review | More Beautiful, By Mark D. Sikes

* For chilly days: this Long Puffer Jacket (on sale) & these Padded Leather Mittens