Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 19.10.20
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WE ASKED YOU ON our Instagram Stories what you thought of the Netflix series Emily in Paris and you had a lot of feelings. Many of you loved it, while others had issues with one thing or another, but one thing was certaiini: we were all ready for a Sex and the City type series again. And of course, there are all those glimpses of Paris, as charming and chic as we’ve always remembered, right down to the elevator-less apartments with questionable plumbing. (I have first-hand experience with these things, having most of my family there.) And in between the distraction of Netflix, we’ve been on countryside walks to see the changing leaves, the mist on the river and those dramatic, overcast skies that only England in the autumn can offer. I’ve also taken up candle-making (it’s not going well), more reading, and with the prospect of more lockdown restrictions and dreary winter days, have even imagined writing a novel. The one thing that has been playing on my mind through all of this is this line that I read somewhere recently: one day you will wake up to find that all the time you thought you had is gone. So, for now, I’m living in the moment.

This week’s links include a recipe for Blackberry and Apple Cake with Swirled Coconut Yogurt and alpaca knits for chilly mornings; the science of good chocolate, a 19th century Swedish home, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* A 19th Century Swedish Home With Lots 0f Charm

* At work: this Knot-Detail Knitted Wool Dress & these Baroque Pearl Earrings

* At what age do we do our greatest work?

* For chilly mornings: this Alpaca Blend Knit Sweater & this Chic Shoulder Bag

* Recipe: Blackberry and Apple Cake with Swirled Coconut Yogurt

* For winter days: this Long Puffer Jacket & this 14k Gold Beaded Duo Ring

* The Science of Good Chocolate

* Keep it chic: these Cashmere-Wool Mix Pleated Trousers & this favourite Tote