Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials

July 2020 | Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials
July 2020 | Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials

These past summer days, I have been lounging around reading Find Me by André Aciman, the author of Call me By your Name. Contrary to what everyone expected, he wrote on twitter: “I would actually love a sequel to Call Me By Your Name. In fact I am writing one.” 2019’s Find Me doesn’t continue the love story between Elio and Olivier among the peach trees and the notes of Bach’s Capriccio in B-flat major―the first and largest act of four parts is from the perspective of Samuel Perlman, Elio’s father, who falls in love with a woman sitting across from him on the train and they embark on an impromptu sojourn together through Rome. Having just a few pages left, I’ve already selected my next book, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, which The Sunday Express says, “The story is brilliantly told, Ng’s bright prose glowing with warmth and wisdom as she delves into the complexities of motherhood, convention and creativity.’ I have also started watching a new documentary series called Jane Fonda in Five Acts which follows Jane Fonda’s life, a life marked by controversy, tragedy and transformation, and all while in the public eye.

And to continue with a few summer essentials, here are my latest coup de coeur in beauty and skincare:

July 2020 | Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials
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Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

This duet of highlighting and shading creams is designed to make sculpting and contouring the face remarkably simple: the super sheer, light shade can be used to draw light onto the skin to brighten and lift the face, and the dark shade defines and contours bones while staying invisible to the naked eye.

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July 2020 | Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask is a pink-toned cream formula delicately scented with rose, and designed to plump, brighten and awaken the skin in a matter of minutes–in fact the packaging proclaims “instant youth”. It doesn’t come cheap, but its legions of fans suggest results that justify the price tag. Anti-ageing ingredients include black rose, vitamin E, chlorella and geranium oil. (Vogue)

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Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Lazy Sunday Morning is a floral fragrance, smooth like a morning in bed, with delicate notes of creamy White Musk and Lily of the Valley.

July 2020 | Our Paris Editor’s Summer Beauty Essentials

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

Powered by a blend of natural, fruit-derived AHAs, minerals and vitamins C, E and B5, this potent mask is your one-way ticket to soft, smooth skin with a healthy glow, ditching dullness and leaving a brightened complexion.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

This charcoal-infused peel-off mask is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. Once dry, it lifts off blackheads, impurities, and excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of pores and brightening skin.

Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush

Air-whipped into a fluffy featherweight texture, Shiseido’s new blush blends like a dream and deposits a subtly shimmering wash of warmth onto the skin.