Playlist 05.11.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 05.11.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 05.11.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 05.11.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Zaia – BLUE

20-year-old Atlanta native Zaia sits somewhere between artists like Kid Cudi & Childish Gambino with his style, multi-genred sound, and youthful but commanding energy. His new single “BLUE,” embodies all that and more.

This R&B, synth-infused tune is mesmerizing, catchy, and vibey in all the right ways. Zaia’s production pulls influence from various genres, with a soundscape that includes electric guitar, 80’s synths, and R&B beats that come together to create a dynamic sound. “BLUE” is a cruise track with a subtle energy and simple lyrics that relay his sentiments perfectly. The ear-worming line, “Well these days I’m just blue,” will continue to play in your head after one listen.

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Kevin Abstract – Baby Boy

After three years without any solo material, Kevin Abstract has been a busy boy recently.

After returning with new project ‘ARIZONA baby’ last week, the Brockhamptonhas been hinting that the three-track EP is part of a bigger body of work, set to be released in parts.

He’s now shared a video for a new track called ‘Baby Boy’, the description of which links to a pre-order for an EP called ‘Ghettobaby’. On its Spotify page, ‘Ghettobaby’ features the three songs from ‘ARIZONA baby’, as well as ‘Baby Boy’, and two new tracks called ‘Corpus Christi’ and ‘Mississippi’.

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NIGHTMØDE – Same Old Problems

This is the first track I’ve come across from U.S native NIGHTMØDE and I can boldly say that he is an artist to watch. “Same Old Problems” is only his third release and he’s already featured on Kitsune Musique and Spotify fresh finds… But that’s not my reasoning for my opening statement.

I loved his ability to express the more melancholic colors of life without coming across as whiney, but in a way that encapsulates ‘emoness’ and strength at the same time. The sounds of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Gus Dapperton will actually jump at you like 3D visuals when I hear this. So you know what that means; shades of Bedroom Pop can be found in this track topped with Psych-rock elements.

If you’re in your feelings and life throws you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Just run to your room and comfort yourself with the sounds of NIGHTMØDE.

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Baltra – Ahead Of Time (with 박혜진 Park Hye Jin)

Michael Baltra is releasing his first album, Ted, in July.

The LP was written around the time of the death of Baltra’s father, whom the record is also named after.

“It started out as an idea lacking focus—to just release an album,” he says, “but took on greater meaning when my father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. The album went through many phases, but in the end staying true to my emotions along this whirlwind of a ride seemed like the proper way to do it rather than to conceptualize something that I couldn’t even put into words at the time.”

The 15-track LP is “tinted with sadness,” according to the press release, but also “rooted in triumph and elation” with influences from drum & bass, ambient and minimal techno. Park Hye Jin features on the lead single, “Ahead Of Time.”

Baltra first garnered attention as part of the lo-fi house scene alongside producers like DJ Boring and DJ Seinfeld. He’s released records on Lobster Theremin, Lost Palms and Of Paradise. Ted will come via his own label, 96 And Forever.

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Bibi Club – La Plage

Bibi Club is a Montreal based duo consisting of singer-keyboardist Adèle Trottier-Rivard and guitarist Nicolas Basque. Their self-released debut single “La Plage” is exactly the kind of mellow indie synth-pop moment I was in need of to cool off when the summer heat kicked in. The song is a charming slice of indie pop with an absorbing production and instantly memorable melody. One can only dream this aural pleasure could last a little bit longer with the track clocking at a modest 2.29. Somewhere between the musical worlds of Young Galaxy, Munya and Men I Trust, all of which happen to be Canadian as well. Sublime and promising.

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