Playlist 01.06.18 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 01.06.18 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 01.06.18 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 01.06.18 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Flohio, Cadenza, Clams Casino – Pounce

Flohio links with Clams Casino and Cadenza on fiery new track ‘Pounce’.

The London MC has smashed 2018 into pieces, releasing a string of vital cuts that underline her claim to be one of the country’s most innately gifted rap artists.

Clams Casino produces new single ‘Pounce’, and his vast experience is allied to Flohio’s street level instincts on a pounding release.

Cadenza joins the fray, and the two MCs seem to push each other higher and higher on one of Flohio’s most potent statements yet.

Online now, it’s a crunching, intense return from a rap artist intent on making 2019 her own.

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Suicideyear – Lousser

James Richard Prudhomme, who works under the moniker Suicideyear, releases his latest single “Lousser,” which starts softly with trap beats and twinkling synths before taking a darker turn with a sinister bassline.

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Bad Bunny – 200 MPH FT Diplo 

So his debut, X100PRE, at first seems like an odd concession to the old-school from an artist who made old-school look thoroughly obsolete — if singles are enough to get you into the studio with Drake, why bother with a full-length? But X100PRE is everything you could possibly want from a debut album: Plenty of the stuff that initially brought Bad Bunny fame along with some impressively executed forays into new styles — no small feat, considering how many genres he has already infiltrated.

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Kelvyn Colt – Love & Hate (Live)

After recently being named as one of VEVO DSCVR’s Ones To Watch for 2019, German-born artist Kelvyn Colt has released his long-awaited EP ‘MIND OF COLT PT.I’. Not just a catchy title for the project, the EP can traces Colt’s own life experiences by touching upon issues that the artist has personally had to deal with, leading listeners on a true journey through the mind of Colt.
Comprised of six tracks, the EP opens up with an ode to his mother, ‘Mama’. Immediately showcasing a more emotional side to the rapper’s game not usually seen, lyrically ‘Mama’ is a letter of reassurance to his mother as Kelvyn sets off on his own career. Followed by the recently released ‘Weakend’, which deals with the issue of personal loyalties within music, exploring friendships and the need for having those close to you there through the good times and the bad.
‘LOVE & HATE’ explores the relationship one has with themselves when coping with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, as Colt summons inner strength through his own mindset. The previously released Waited On Me is the embodiment of Colt disconnecting from the world through amplified attention – looking into themes of mental health within the music industry
Featuring another German artist Elijah Hook, AQUA, refers to everything in a fluid state, from cash flow to the fluidity of Colt’s lifestyle. From growing up between cultures and adjusting between lifestyles, to being reactive in unusual situations since his music career began, ‘AQUA’ acts as a life guide for Colt, exhibiting how he lives his life to the fullest. As the EP’s final emotional peak, ‘Alone’ revolves around the concept of being ‘born alone and to die alone’ – referring to wanting to be alone and accepting to be alone, overcoming any issues on his own.

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Noname – Song 31 Feat. Phoelix

In the early days of the year where new music is rather scarce, Noname dropped a much needed gem.

2018 was definitely big for the Chicago-based artist. Her new record Room 25 was easily one of the best hip hop releases last year and she’s just sold out her hometown shows – the main reason behind releasing “Song 31”.

Everything – from her razor-sharp lyrics to Phoelix perfectly fitted vocals and production work… everything is a masterpiece. The whole thing reminds me of Karriem Riggins’ work and it’s simply put beautiful.

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