Our NYC Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018

The Edit: Our NYC Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018
The Edit: Our NYC Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018

I am especially excited for Christmas this year and am fully committed to making it a holiday filled with joy for those around me and myself. For my fellow glamour hunters, I hope that this holiday and New Year’s are filled with red velvet dreams and sweet decadence.

Below is my wish list for this Christmas, a collection of elevated takes of my favourite things.

The Edit: Our NYC Editor’s Holiday Wishlist 2018

MIU MIU Logo Frames With Crystals – a distinctive cat-eye frame with a retro vibe (also in Tortoise & White)

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Life Lately: Christmastime in London

YES, I KNOW, the holidays are over, and we (sadly) took down the tree yesterday and all the lights, but there are still so many beautiful photos we took in the past month that just didn’t think it would be right not to share them.

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AS THE Christmas season is upon us, we find ourselves revisiting the perennial debate over holiday decor: should one choose multicolored or white lights to adorn the tree and home?

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I AM ONLY vaugely aware of the enduring debate of multicoloured vs white holiday lights. I say vaugely, because at our place, it’s always elegant white lights, with no debate.

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WE’LL BE the first to admit that this first instalment of our TIG Holiday Gift Guide is more like a personal shopping list of the things we’ve been coveting (such as the beautiful electric bicycle made in Brooklyn and the Céline Fair Isle jersey) rather than a straight-up gift guide.

Life Lately: Cocktails, Christmas Bouquets, Fenwick’s & the Best Dim Sum in the City

IT IS ONLY the second week in January, and yet it feels like a lot more time has passed since the holidays. The decorations are still up and we’re still turning on the white Christmas lights in the evenings, glittery in their delicate glass globes and strung along the archway of the built-in bookcase in the corner, instantly making things feel festive. For the past two weeks, it’s been busy, busy, which is the reason why it feels like so much time has passed.