An Archive of all of the Most Beautiful Holiday Inspiration at TIG

Life Lately: Christmastime in London

YES, I KNOW, the holidays are over, and we (sadly) took down the tree yesterday and all the lights, but there are still so many beautiful photos we took in the past month that just didn’t think it would be right not to share them.

Holiday Inspiration: Classy vs Colourful

AS THE Christmas season is upon us, we find ourselves revisiting the perennial debate over holiday decor: should one choose multicolored or white lights to adorn the tree and home?

Holiday Decorating: Multicoloured vs White Holiday Lights

I AM ONLY vaugely aware of the enduring debate of multicoloured vs white holiday lights. I say vaugely, because at our place, it’s always elegant white lights, with no debate.

Holiday Table Setting Inspiration: Tied Up in a Bow

IT WAS THE champagne coupes tied in lengths of black ribbon (below) that first caught our eye while searching Pinterest for table setting inspiration for the holidays. For interest, we thought we’d provide a brief history of the ribbon bow to go along with these beautiful images of tabletop inspiration for your upcoming holiday soirées or any dinner party really.

Holiday Decorating: More Sculptural Garlands

TWO YEARS ago we introduced you to the beautiful holiday decorating trend of sculptural garlands. The trend is still very much alive today, and here are a selection of our favourites this year, from traditional red and green to red berries and black branches, a beautiful floral arrangement by floral designer Philippa Craddock and more …

Holiday Inspiration: A Black Christmas

WHEN YOU think about holiday decorating, the colour black doesn’t normally come to mind. Green and red; and of course, white, are the more obvious choices, for black seems a bit severe and lacking their festive quality at first glance. However, when paired with some gold or greenery …

Two Lovely Things: Double Wreaths for Double Doors

IF YOU’RE lucky enough to have two front doors for your main entrance, make the most of it with two identical wreaths for a dramatic effect…

Happy December & Holiday Inspiration 2021

HAPPY DECEMBER! Can you believe that it’s already the last month of the year? Feel like 2021 just flew by and don’t really know what I did in all this time. Know that had meant to get through more books. I did complete a web design and launch that had been planned long ago, and definitely got a lot of decorating done at the cottage since we’ve been homebound for the last two years …

Décor | Holiday Decorating Trend: Sculptural Garlands

WHILE SEARCHING for a festive wreath for our front door, ended up coming across many wonderful florists on Instagram who we’ve begun following. The first sculptural garland we discovered was London-based florist Kitten Grayson’s holiday installation…

Holiday 2019 Inspiration: Christmastime in London

WHILE IT MAY BE TRUE that London has certainly has been merrier, what’s done is done and all we can do now is make the best of things.

Christmastime in London

When we first moved to Spain three years ago, one of the only things that we lamented was that around the holiday season, the city just didn’t seem very festive. There was the usual carousel and a few smaller decorated trees here and there, but over all, the shops and streets never really got into the holiday spirit like they do in the UK.

From Instagram: 29 Images of Magical Holiday Inspiration for December 2017

IT’S A TRADITION here at TIG that every year, around this time, we post a festive slideshow that encapsulates the romance of the holiday season (see last year’s here).

10 Utterly Magical Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2017

It’s the 6th of December and a holiday here. The streets are quiet and all the shop windows are looking rather magical this year. We’ve been looking at trees (something flocked this year, or a real one as usual?) and making plans and eating far too many polvoróns.

Playlist 03.12.17 : Special Holiday Winter Mix 2017

Welcome to a special holiday edition of our Weekly Playlist. Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a seat by the fire and enjoy our carefully selected mix of melancholic winter-themed and Christmas tracks and reflect on the year gone by. Happy holidays! –P.F.M.

A Final Festive Slideshow of 20 Magical Images for the Year

It is the final week before the holidays and some may already be off work for the week, but just in case you’re not, here is a final Festive Slideshow to count down the days.

A Festive Slideshow: More Beautiful Holiday Inspiration for Mid-December

IT IS NEARLY mid-December and the holidays are in full swing with fireworks displays and skating rinks officially open, evergreen boughs wrapped in fairy lights and festive cheer everywhere. And here, in our third holiday slideshow (see one & two), we’re bringing you snowy forest views from cosy living rooms and twinkling trees by the fire, mantels dressed in garlands and dusky winter white, a be-ribboned Cartier in London and pale pink roses in Paris … PS more Holiday Inspiration Top image via @white_and_faded

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas is a time when tradition really comes to the fore—it’s a time to create wonderful new traditions and to revisit classic ones that you have enjoyed for years. Decorating your home for the season and preparing gifts and food for friends and family offer some of the loveliest ways to enjoy traditions old and new in your home during this holidays. Use sweet-smelling evergreen branches as decoration in your stairwell, entwined in a wreath, draped artfully on a mantel or […]

13 Images of Perfect Holiday Inspiration, December 2016

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, for our yearly holiday sildeshows, which you love so, and this year, it’s snowy white trees adorned in pastel ornaments and toile-covered rooms with chic leopard print carpets, gifts wrapped in white and candlelight, firelight and mistletoe … Click through for a glimpse & view more Holiday Inspiration   Top image: Shabbyfufu

10 Images of Holiday Magic for Bright December Days

THERE IS CURRENTLY A hotel room picnic here with cava and holiday merriment, but in case you’re still not yet in the festive mood (is that even possible?), here are 10 images of Holiday Magic — twinkling fairy lights and snow-covered trees, chandeliers and candelabras, and of course, mistletoe . . . Top Image: Instagram

Holiday Inspiration: 10 Images of Decorating with Wreaths

IN THAT MAGICAL LULL that comes just before all the madness of holiday festivities, while everyone is putting their final touches on holiday decorating, here are 10 images of inspiration for decorating with wreaths from the This Is Glamorous archives . . . Top Image: from here

13 Images of Perfect Holiday Inspiration

AND IT WOULD APPEAR that the entire city is trimmed in fairy lights, there is skating and mulled wine and nothing left to do but fall head first into festive cheer, beginning with these 13 Images of Perfect Holiday Inspiration . . . Top image: Pinterest

& 42 Images of Holiday Inspiration to Celebrate

[slideshow — if slides do not advance, click here] EVERYONE IN THE CITY seems to be on vacation from work, and outside there seems to be a hush leading up to the festivities, with time spent at home in rooms flung with fairy lights and cosy crackling fires. Even here, at the office, things have slowed down a little, and we’re in fact, on the way out to check out a new macaron patisserie in town—but first, wanted to leave […]

Holiday Slideshow: 2 Weeks until Christmastime . . .

THE REALISATION THAT IT IS already December 10[!] just set in this morning, and while the tree is up, and the Christmas Markets are filled with ice skaters and the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine, there is still much to do.

Holiday Slideshow: 14 Images of Enchanting Christmastime Inspiration

WE ARE ON THE WAY TO PICKING UP OUR TREE today, but before we go, in excited anticipation, a quick & lovely Holiday Slideshow filled with Christmastime inspiration…

15 Images of Holiday Inspiration from the Archives

[slideshow — if slides do not advance, click here] THERE IS A PLACE HERE, a magical holiday wonderland where the spicy scent of orange, nutmeg and cinnamon fill the air and glittery chandeliers hang everywhere. This place only comes once a year, and this year, we have already stopped in to sip champagne under the millions of fairy lights, twice, and it is not even mid-November . . . It would seem that we are in the holiday spirit a […]

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