Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links


Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 05.02.18

JANUARY IS ONE OF those months where, despite it being the first in a new year, is filled with a longing to hibernate and eat astonishing amounts of warm, carb-filled foods — Gnocchi with Butter, Sage, and Shaved Parmesan; crusty baguettes and slices of rye toast with fresh tomatoes and we could go on and on. And despite living in a micro-subtropical climate, things have become a little chilly here as well in the past week or so, and so the food situation has been getting a little out of control. With the arrival of February, we find the refrigerator newly filled with fruits and vegetables, spinach and aubergines and have even begun making cauliflower rice. We’ve cut back on the bread and oatmeal, replacing them with acai bowls in the morning and are beginning to feel a little more like ourselves again. Of course, we’ll eventually find our way back to beautifully crusty French baguettes at some point, but for now, a reset seems appropriate. Soon enough, these rainy, wintry nights will fade into bright spring mornings and suddenly, silently, and without us ever being aware of it, there will be new green leaves on the trees and the scent of lilacs will fill the air again.

This week’s links include ankle boots for spring and a hotel in Copenhagan; the 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Modern Classics: Nobis Hotel, Copenhagan [In/Out]

* White ankle boots for spring: one & two

* There’s a 51-Year-Old Whiskey Treasure Hunt That’s Still Going On [Messy Nessy Chic]

* Introducing a brand new line of jewellery at The Shop []

* The Ten Best Travel Books of 2017 [Lost in Cheeseland]

* Prettiest trend for spring: faux-pearl and crystal-embellished hair clips

* The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017 [First Round Review] | via

* For spring days: this pink blazer & trousers and these suede loafers

* Dissecting the details: Beth Webb [La Dolce Vita]

* Tokyo: The World’s Most Uncomfortable Commute [Slate]

* Spring denim: white high-rise & raw indigo


[Top Image: @sincerelyjules]

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