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From the Desk of Roséline Lohr | Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017


A few of our colleagues in the Blogger OG celebrated their 10-year anniversaries this past July, which means that it was also our anniversary here at TIG. It’s a bit insane to think that it has already been a full ten years since I hit publish on that first post on the Blogger platform, and yet, at the same time, it doesn’t feel like it has been all that long at all, if that makes any sense.

So much has happened over these past ten years. Some in their celebratory Editors’ Letters spoke about how much the blogging scene has changed since then, about how we were a tiny, tight-knit group who knew each other by name and were supportive and sharing in our comments and with our link-building. Some sounded rather wistful at all that has changed.

In 2007, Facebook was only three years old (2004). There was no Twitter (2006), no Pinterest (2009-11). And definitely no Instagram (2010), the latter of which seems to threaten to overtake nearly everything else. Things were much simpler when we would publish things that caught our fancy in real time and whenever the mood struck. Fast forward to 2017, and blogging has become a business, and not only that, but “influencers” who do not even have blogs, solely an Instagram page, can still wield a considerable amount of power.

Of course, those of us who have been around long enough will have seen trends like these come and go, and know that the one constant through all these emerging and fast-changing and (some) nearly obsolete forms of media. That one constant (in all this time) is what we have here, at This Is Glamorous, a website that has grown from a blog into a beautiful online magazine, and furthermore, a community of intelligent, sophisticated readers who still believe in this world.

And for this reason, we will always keep our focus not on trendy new media apps, but on building this beautiful community by contributing new and exciting content that sometimes challenges our readers, always captivates and excites, and most of all, makes you dream.


(Below are a few things that have been happening around here over the past few months.)

This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017

Paris by Daniela; follow along at @dana_chels

In July we welcomed a new Travel Editor, Daniela Chelariu. Based in Paris, Daniela writes about the hotels you should stay at places around the world, museum & gallery exhibitions not to be missed, and even her favourite restaurants in Paris. She’ll also include the occasional book recommendation in her collection of articles for good measure as well. You can read all the work she’s done for us so far here. We’re wildly delighted to have her and her beautiful take on the world.

This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017

EVANGELINE – Fine Art Print

"When you create something and it completely resonates with your soul–this print embodies everything I am currently focusing on in my life: being more open minded, feeling free and light, being healthy, being happy, slowing down to and enjoy life with loved ones. Sending you all positive vibes with this piece." --the artist

+ shop now

After the redesign of The Shop in February, we have been busy expanding the ranges we carry to include not only the work of the best artists and artisans we can find, but all of independent designers. So far, you can browns Art, Antiques & Collectibles, Designer Cushions, and an absolutely wonderful selection of handmade Jewellery.

This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017
This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017

Introducing the most romantic selection of wedding, engagement and anytime rings, pear shaped and rose cut, white diamonds and grey, shop the collection here ...

This Is Glamorous Editor’s Letter Autumn 2017

In August we introduced a brand new gold & mirrored bar cart to office, read about it here.

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  • Sally said...

    Dear Roseline, TIG has been a touchstone resource for me for several years. Whenever I worry about what is happening in the world, I come here to be reminded of beauty, of comfort and of love. The creative efforts of you and your team in sourcing and curating such uplifting and inspiring content are reassuring; your readers are reminded that there is more that is intelligent, adventurous and cared about in our (sometimes) crazy world. Congratulations on 10 years! Here’s to the next 10.

    • Dear Sally,

      Such a thoughtful message! Thanks so much for the well-wishes, and for taking the time to write — it’s always wonderful to hear from longtime readers and we’re so happy to be able to add a little beauty and inspiration to your days. xR

  • Emme said...

    Thank you for all your hard work, and for adding so much glamour to the internet! I’ve been following this blog for years, and I absolutely love it. It grounds me, it gives me so much inspiration, and it feels like home.

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