Décor Inspiration : The French Manoir, Chevaigné-du-Maine, France


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The Most Cosy Mid-Century Kitchen in Sweden

THE FIRST THING that caught my eye in this charming Swedish kitchen was the glass-front cabinets, which reminded me of those old barrister bookcases sometimes repurposed in décor for storing/displaying shoes. The kitchen belongs to two Berliners, Laura Muthesius, a food stylist, and Nora Eisermann, a photographer, who always dreamed of owning a home in Sweden.

News 10.30.20 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The coronavirus is spread through the air, especially in indoor spaces. While it is not as infectious as measles, scientists now openly acknowledge the role played by the transmission of aerosols – tiny contagious particles exhaled by an infected person that remain suspended in the air of an indoor environment.

Restaurant: Pot Stories, Romania

There is a restaurant in Bucharest that my friends told me about on my recent trip to Romania, called Pot Stories. It’s a place filled with natural fabrics, thick carpets, an abundance of greenery and ceramics, rough wooden tables, and rope and wicker.

News 10.28.20 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The story of an awakening must begin with how many had been permitted to sleep in the first place. I often think back to a Saturday Night Live episode from October 2016, which aired after the release of the Access Hollywood tape. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the guest host, and in the cold open, he directed a line from his fanatically beloved musical Hamilton at a photo of Donald Trump, declaring with ferocity, “You’re never gonna be president now.”

10 Images With: Angela Mugnai, London

THIS INSTALMENT OF 10 IMAGES features the work of Angela Mugnai, a Tuscan-born Creative & Event Consultant based in London. Launched in 2013, Angela’s brand creates bespoke experiential events that combine English sophistication with classic Italian style, but always taking into account the local context.

News 10.26.20 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

When the Australian television producer Rhonda Byrne published The Secret in 2006, book critics responded, for the most part, by laughing at it. This wasn’t necessarily unwarranted; Byrne’s assertion that positive things will happen to you if only you think enough positive thoughts is crammed with unscientific New Ageisms that feel like truth no matter how untrue they actually are.

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