The Edit: How to Wear Mom Jeans & a Shopping Guide

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Style Inspiration | The Edit: How to Wear Mom Jeans & a Shopping Guide

THE RISE OF THE MOM JEAN | “Mom jeans” may have been humorously called so to describe those blue jeans in the ’80s that were unfashionable and unflattering—the ones with the SUPER-HIGH waist and slightly looser fit around the front and thighs. There were also often pleats and a tapered leg, and the style was likely worn with a BLOUSE or shirt tucked in. The Mom Jean was popular until the early 2000’s, when they were replaced with low-rise styles. The MOM JEAN would became popular again with cool GIRLS everywhere in the early 2010’s and continue to be so today. In fact, the Mom Jean may be at its most fashionable yet, with IT-girls EVERYwhere favouring the silhouette. Here, we bring you a few inspiring ways to STYLE your mom jeans—whether with a simple SILK blouse or chunky KNIT and more—as well as a few shopping links. Click through for a look …

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