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Décor Inspiration | Designer Showhouse & Gardens, Atlanta

The very first Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens presented by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles last year brought together a coterie of design stars from the region to re-imagine a 28,000 square foot English manor-style Buckhead mansion. The concept of a showhouse like this, where a host of different designers each put their mark on different rooms is a phenomenon that is better known in the US than in Europe. And what a great way for designers to showcase new ideas and for guests and viewers to gain a myriad of inspirational ideas.

In this showhouse, there are ladylike parlour spaces and masculine bathrooms, a soaring white panelled hallway and the most elegant butler’s pantry you’re ever likely to see. Each space is different, which keeps the viewer delighted and surprised throughout, and with inspiration ranging from exotic cultures of the east to Gloria Vanderbilt, you can only imagine the design journey you are about to take. So click through here to enjoy our favourite rooms from this show-stopping house . . . Louise

Above: The elegant dining room, designed by Suzanne Kasler, features lacquered walls that add gloss and glamour; accents of grey-blue are used in the furniture, curtains and even on the ceiling for an ethereal feeling

All images via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

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