TIG tv | Vol. 02 No. 9: The Movie References for La La Land; on De Stijl, a Modern Art Movement from the Netherlands & more

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TIG tv | Vol. 01 No. 12

In this week’s edition of TIG TV we take a look at all the musicals that influenced La La Land, take a look at De Stijl, a Modern Art movement from the Netherlands, and catch up with the brilliant documentary “Fantastic Man” about enigmatic and little-known musician William Onyeabor who recently passed away. Follow Ben Stiller to Jordan, where he meets refugees of the war in Syria who have had to flee their war-torn country with nothing. Take a look at multiculturalism and the underground club scene in Glasgow, and the Nerdwriter explains how Scientology works and of course, as always, much much more. Happy Viewing –P

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