Places: At the Grand Ferdinand, Vienna, Austria

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Travel Inspiration | Places: At the Grand Ferdinand, Vienna, Austria
Grand Ferdinand

Once you’ve experienced true beauty, you’ll never again be taken in by the ordinary.



IT HAS BEEN RAINING HERE for hours and we’ve had the cosiest day at the office, filled with work and candles and coffee. P actually discovered this week’s PLACES, a grand hotel in Vienna. Before the holidays, we had thought about spending Christmas in Austria, and if we had, the Grand Ferdinand might have been a lovely place to stay. It’s much more laid-back and modern than the one I featured here this time last year, but beautiful nonetheless.

The 8 floor, 188 room space is located in the center of the city and owned by hotelier Florian Weitzer, who states, “I was graciously given the opportunity to transform a landmarked building on Vienna’s Ringstraße into a glorious hotel. Splendidly contemporary, free of forced flashbacks – and filled with unparalleled spirit.”

A modern interpretation of a luxury hotel, the GRAND FERDINAND offers Vienna’s former elegance in a contemporary setting. The hotel has three restaurants — enjoy breakfast above the rooftops of the city on the rooftop terrace of the Grand Étage where there is also a pool and bar. Or if you’d rather, stop by the lavish buffet at the Grand Ferdinand Restaurant. Or perhaps like us, you adore brunch, in which case, it’s Gulasch & Champagne for the classics of Viennese cuisine served with a glass of champagne.

Located on the Ringstraße in Vienna’s city centre, the Grand Ferdinand is near the State Opera, the Burgtheater, the city park and Vienna City Hall, as well as many cafés and restaurants. Click through for a glimpse …




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