Interior Designer: Amanda Lindroth, Palm Beach

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Décor Inspiration | Interior Designer: Amanda Lindroth

WE FIRST FEATURED THE WORK of interior designer Amanada Lindroth two years ago. A Lyford Cay property in the Bahamas, it was imbued with perfect island style, featuring treillage, wicker and bamboo, bright colours, nautical stripes and chinoiserie. Today, we revisit the designer’s work, this time at a home in Palm Beach. The bright colours are ever present, although soften a little, as well as the wicker and bamboo and chinoiserie, expertly mixed with canopy beds and leopard print. This time, however, there is the added fabulousness of a trompe l’oeil living room, which Rococo faux plasterwork amongst other things, painted by British artist Aldous Bertram. Click through for a glimpse …




All images, House Beautiful via The Foo Dog Blog

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