An Elegant & Classically French Apartment in Lyon

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Décor Inspiration: An Elegant & Classically French Apartment in Lyon

BEFORE WE DECIDED on moving to Valencia, Spain, we very seriously considered Lyon, France. Aside from hearing that there were something like twenty-two Michelin-starred restaurants in the city, our apartment searches kept returning the MOST beautiful spaces — grand ceilings, sweeping windows, wood floors, fireplaces — all the quintessential elements of the classic French pied-à-terre. This interior is a great example of the kinds of places we were falling for, before the sub-tropical climate of Spain became the ultimate deciding factor. These interiors are by Maison Hand, and the renovations are by the architect Michel Bessoud. Clip through for a tour . . .

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All images: photography by Felix Forest for Living Inside, Elle Denmark via Designbloggarna

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