Beautiful Home Offices

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Décor Inspiration: Beautiful Home Offices

I remember visiting the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St Ives in Cornwall in the South West of England and being more transfixed by her studio and workroom than almost any other aspect of the place. It was a space dedicated to the creative process and it was inspiring just being there.

It’s that sense of inspiration that you will find in extremely well designed home office spaces, the best of which we have sought out to feature here. Even if what you do is not wholly creative, who doesn’t want to feel inspired when they sit down to work?

The key, as you will see in the images which follow, is to focus equally on ergonomics and aesthetics. Naturally the space must be comfortable and well laid out with great storage, but you should also add touches that elevate it above the ordinary and make you want to spend time there: A beautiful vase or object that has particular meaning for you; an oversized pinboard with inspirational images; your favourite pieces of art and photography; and of course fresh flowers and candles in your favourite scent.

And finally take inspiration from One Kings Lane’s design for Marlien Rentmeester’s home office and add a stylish bar cart for after hours meetings. Suddenly going to work will seem like a beautiful chore . . .    Louise

Image above of fashion designer Rachel Roy’s home office featuring stunning hand painted de Gournay wallpaper. Image via One Kings Lane

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