Travel | Style Inspiration: The Greek Getaway


1THE GREEK ISLANDS are a favourite of the fashion crowd in the summer months, yet no one can pinpoint where exactly that the allure lies. Is it the transparent warm waters of the Mediterranean sea bathing the shores of chic beach clubs and the rocks of Mykonos? Is it the cerulean blue caves of Zakinthos, best seen by boat? Perhaps it’s the bougainvillea-lined streets of Paros, or the breathtaking views from the pastel-hued island of Santorini? Regardless, a summer in Greece calls for very chic sartorial choices. The key lies in the balance of an artisanal, almost rural, look, and elements of understated luxury. In other words; one must always be nonchalant, and never try too hard.

An off-the-shoulder dress will go a long way when paired with thin-laced Greek sandals and large earrings, as will a semi-transparent lace kaftan worn under a bikini. Think about versatility, too. After all, you never know when you’ll end up at chic Scorpios or Alemagou, where the party goes on until the early morning hours. For such occasions, open-back dresses in light colours will look just as good on the beach, as they will at sunrise, after a night out dancing. In any case, always remember: packing should be light and strategic. You’ll live in bikinis, anyway. — Victoria3

1 – Johanna Ortiz top, 2 – Frame Denim shorts, 3 – Rag & Bone straw hat, 4 – Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini, 5 – Dolce & Gabbana woven straw tote, 6 – Castañer espadrilles, 7 – Ray Ban sunglasses, 8 – Oscar de la Renta earrings
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Victoria | Contributor, London
Fashion Contributor, London

Victoria lives in the south of Spain, having moved there from her native country Ukraine when she was just a child. She finds herself looking up to timeless icons from past decades including Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Katherine Deneuve and Audrey Hepburn, and longing for sunny afternoons on the French Riviera and walks along the Seine during spring. Always overdressed and dishing out on tailored pieces and shoes – secretly dreaming they were from Dior or Saint Laurent – she dresses for herself rather than others, and would trade breakfast for Vogue or a one way ticket to anywhere beautiful.