Interior Designer | Décor Inspiration: Soft Elegance in Pastel Hues & Delicate Prints, Atlanta


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Soft elegance in pastel hues and delicate prints, Atlanta

Celadon green, lilac, soft blues, ivory hues, and accents of turquoise and gold in delicate prints give this spacious 6-bedroom home a soft elegant atmosphere. Mallory Mathison Glenn was responsible for decorating every inch of the 14,000 square foot space, which received a softened traditional approach of antiques, delicate furnishings and prints against a backdrop of beautiful architectural details. The result is a modern take on tradition. —Bárbara

Images from Atlanta Homes Magazine

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Interiors Editor, Brazil

A designer with an eye for aesthetics and a love for décor, Barbara lives in Brazil where she once worked with fashion brands at an advertising agency. She has lived in Australia for a season, worked as freelancer, and in 2008, she created her first blog about fashion. Two years later, she launched a second blog about décor. Today, both blogs are one, and a place where she edits, photographs and creates content daily. Living Gazette has become a benchmark for aesthetics determined. She has been a reader of This is Glamorous since 2008 and the site has been a great influence in her work.