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News 12.08.22 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Almost every social-media platform offers its users an option to privatize their account—a way for people to control who engages with their content, often to avoid the judgment, schadenfreude, bullying, and snark that are ubiquitous online. Many of these options aren’t terribly helpful, though. Facebook seems to constantly adjust its privacy settings, and it can be difficult to tell what information your friends have access to. On TikTok, unless you want a fully private account, you have to select who can see each and every video before you post. And Twitter’s protected-Tweets feature isn’t ideal if you have a large following; the “Retweet” button may be disabled, but your followers can still screenshot and share what you post.

Mini Trend: Double Denim

AS FAR AS TRENDS go, double denim is definitely one of our favourites⏤it’s casual and comfortable and yet also très chic. Also referred to as denim-on-denim or a Canadian Tuxedo (which we previously thought referred to Canadians’ love of the fabric, but actually has something to do with Bing Crosby and a hotel in Vancouver in 1951) …

News 10.08.22 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

It took me two years to post my first TikTok. I’d press “Record,” mumble into the camera, and hastily hit delete before anyone could see just how awkward I was on video. I took the plunge only after practicing enough to eliminate any telltale signs that I was a near-30-year-old trying to be cool. Or so I thought. Apparently, I’m still guilty of the “Millennial pause.” After hitting “Record,” I wait a split second before I start speaking, just to make sure that TikTok is actually recording …

Life Lately: Iced Coffee for a Heatwave, Pink Roses, Japanese Denim & more

JUST A FEW SNAPSHOTS of the things we’ve been up to this past July, including a quick trip to Edinburgh that ended up taking longer due to the heatwave, so iced coffees on the morning of the day that we were supposed to return home; pink English roses in the bright June sun and Sweet Potato, Ginger & Garlic Tofu Stew (with Lime and Spinach) …