Stripes & Roses

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Design Inspiration: Stripes & RosesMaybe I’ve been thinking of Paris lately—chic boutiques with striped awnings, Juliet balconies, cobbled streets, cafés and flower markets. Whatever the reason, there’s a delightful style combination that I’ve been noticing everywhere that I thought it would be fun to share: Stripes & Roses.

It’s the perfect combination really—the black and white stripes as a striking geometric counterpoint to the organic form of the flowers.

While it’s become a favourite motif for weddings, it’s a combination that works in other settings too as you will see, from home offices to elegant outdoor areas. It’s fun and whimsical but chic too. So let this collection of images of ‘Stripes & Roses’ transport you and see what it inspires in you, if even just to tie up a bunch of roses with striped grosgrain ribbon . . .


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