Travel | Style Inspiration: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in Capri

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IT IS DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE CAPRI, for words are simultaneously too much and too little to characterise it, it’s as if every attempt falls short of reality. You have to live it. Arriving to the small port by boat early morning and finding it just waking up with restaurants and gelaterias starting to open for the day in a lazy haze of early morning sun; walking amongst the white washed buildings and peeling stucco and pink bougainvillea whilst listening to the charming Italian chatter of locals and the sound of your shoes against the cobblestone; exploring the coast of the island by boat, and never forgetting the magical first sight of the Faraglioni or the Blue Grotto. Secluded yet public; intimate but glamorous; understated yet hedonistic…Capri is the definition of Mediterranean cool.


Of course, the element of style is never absent from the island. Indeed, it is what attracted Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to it time and time again, a subtle elegance in every corner, a mix of high and low that can only happen in Italy. Contrast the unspoilt nature and antique ruins of the Villa Jovis with the high fashion stores in the centre of Capri, or the rustic life of the local fisherman with the carefully worn Breton stripe tees and silk scarves artfully wrapped around the heads of socialites who spend July and August on the island. Less is more in Capri. Minimalism is too extreme to describe the aesthetic, but Jackie O’s style while on the island hits the right spot. White capri pants win with simple darker tees or linen shirts, or accessorised with a belt for some sophistication, or midi skirts with subtle slits and your favourite pair of gold sandals. Dark sunglasses and a silk scarf are compulsory; you never know who you’ll run into, or want to escape from, in Capri. —Victoria.

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