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01-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous

‘Violets, lavenders, lilacs, purples – I have always loved these amethyst tones. For me, the beauty of this part of the spectrum lies in its ability to be at once masculine and feminine.’ Architect & Interior Designer David Collins

While the design style of many of the images gathered here does veer toward the feminine, I know what David Collins meant when he spoke about this chameleon of colours. It also has the mysterious quality of being at once reminiscent of a bygone age yet curiously modern.

And when paired with gold, something magical happens to this chameleon colour, the warmth of the gold being the perfect foil for its blue undertones. It’s also a surprisingly adaptable hue, often taking its cue from fashion, and showing up in table decorations, powder rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens to great effect.

Delicately patterned Gracie wallpaper, antique French daybeds upholstered in velvet, billowy silk drapes, linen covered chairs — all benefit from a touch of this paler, prettier cousin of more regal purple. Or for the merest whisper, you can simply enjoy it for as long as a cut bloom of lilac, anemone or hydrangea lasts . . .

Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold

02-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous


03-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous



06-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous


05-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous


07-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous


08-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous


09-Colour Inspiration | Violet & Gold-This Is Glamorous

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Louise Keane, Contributor This Is Glamorous
Interiors Editor, Edinburgh

Louise Keane grew up beside the sea in Dublin, inspiring a life-long love of the coast. She studied French and History of Art & Architecture in Trinity College in Dublin before moving to London to work first in publishing and then in Marketing & PR. After a move to Edinburgh, she decided to heed a creative urge which had been tugging at her sleeve for a number of years, and she retrained as an interior designer. While studying interior design, Louise discovered a love of pen and ink with watercolour illustration, which she now does alongside her interior design work. Louise runs her interior design company, Amalfi White Living, which offers her clients a fresh, elegant style, mixing vintage and modern pieces for a luxurious yet relaxed look. She dreams of renovating a white house by the sea.