Colour Inspiration: Decorating with Dior Grey

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Décor | Colour Inspiration: Decorating with Dior Grey

If you walk along the Avenue Montaigne in Paris you will come across the elegant grey and white facade of the Christian Dior boutique just steps from the townhouse where the House of Dior was born in 1946. Painted in shades of signature ‘Dior Grey’ with white trim, it is utterly timeless. Drawing inspiration from this most sophisticated of colours, my foray this week into the world of interior design offers a selection of rooms which provide a masterclass in using ‘Dior Grey’.

It is a colour which is at home as much in a serene boudoir as in an elegant drawing room or a chic bathroom. Mix it with lots of white, add touches of pink or gold and see it shimmer.

One of Christian Dior’s oft-repeated and pithy quotes is that “The tones of grey, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.” And how could we disagree? —Louise


Top Image: via John Stefanidis

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