At Home With: Madison Cox, Tangier

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01-At Home With | Madison Cox-This Is Glamorous

IN MARCH OF 2013, The New York Times published an article on the home of esteemed garden designer, Madison Cox in Tangier, Morocco’s most northern outpost. As winter days begin to fade into brighter February afternoons, the sundrenched space, with its modernist fireplace against marble floors, views of hollyhocks and nasturtiums blooming outside is a welcomed sight . . .

Tangier has almost as many astounding views as it has residents. There isn’t a spot in this city that doesn’t look across, up to, down on, or over a huge expanse of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, the Rock of Gibraltar, the southern coast of Spain, lush nature preserves and gardens, ancient markets and handsome French, Spanish and Italian Colonial-era buildings.



All images photographed by Oberto Gili for The New York Times

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