Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Trenches for Autumn Days

Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days

PERHAPS SOME OF THE BEST THINGS about autumn–besides the turning leaves and golden light–are the layering & the coats. Earlier this week, we featured 10 Coats, Jackets & Capes for these autumn days, and today we’ve rounded 9 more of our favourites for cosy October mornings . . .

Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days
Shopping: More Coats, Jackets & Capes for Autumn Days

News 19.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

In the late 18th century, officials in Prussia and Saxony began to rearrange their complex, diverse forests into straight rows of single-species trees. Forests had been sources of food, grazing, shelter, medicine, bedding and more for the people who lived in and around them, but to the early modern state, they were simply a source of timber.

News 17.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Some of my earliest memories are of summers with my grandparents, in New Delhi. I spent long, scorching months drinking lassi, playing cricket, and helping my grandparents find ripe mangoes at roadside markets.

Introducing: A Beautiful New Skincare Range

Clemency and I first began discussing a collaboration nearly six years ago, sometime in 2018. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic was looming, which would soon put everything on hold.

Décor Inspiration: A Ranch in Austin Texas by Light and Dwell

WE WERE CAPTIVATED by this mini house tour on Instagram, showcasing a beautiful ranch in Austin, Texas, designed by the interior firm Light and Dwell. Nestled on a sprawling property with its own lake, peach tree orchard, barns, whiskey room, guest quarters, and a private mile-long entrance, this home is a true oasis.

Notes from the Weekend

I HAVE BEEN making these oatmeal breakfast cookies lately with maple syrup and dark chocolate chips. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll have the recipe. Both P and I have been reading quite a bit about manifesting, as well as the concept of dopamine fasting…

News 15.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

My friend Guillaume is always telling me interesting things. Like: there’s a dance called the Madison that many French people think is a regular feature of parties in the United States.

News 12.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

In the world of popular psychology, the work of one giant figure is hard to avoid: Carl Jung, the onetime associate of Sigmund Freud who died more than 60 years ago. If you think you have a complex about something, the Swiss psychiatrist invented that term. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Those are his coinages, too. Persona, archetype, synchronicity: Jung, Jung, Jung.

News 10.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

AI is often hailed (by me, no less!) as a powerful tool for augmenting human intelligence and creativity. But what if relying on AI actually makes us less capable of formulating revolutionary ideas and innovations over time? That’s the alarming argument put forward by a new research paper that went viral on Reddit and Hacker News this week.

Moodboard: Shades of Brown, Burgundy & Oxblood

IT MAY SEEM unconventional at first to choose this range of colors in springtime, when others are opting for shades of green and daffodil. However, when you consider the muddy fields and the still bare branches awaiting their new leaves…