Style Inspiration: Dark Romance


Inspiration: Dark RomanceTHERE IS SOMETHING OPULENT AND ROMANTIC about dark ball gowns and dresses. Perhaps it’s the element of mysteriousness that comes with a woman who feels confident enough to wear a black chiffon gown and let her natural beauty shine through. Maybe it’s the beauty of the intricate embroidery when seen on a transparent organza fabric. Regardless, the spellbinding allure of a a shimmering gown is undeniable. Long black gowns are best worn with a chignon or delicate Veronica Lake waves, and of course…glistening diamonds. —Victoria00360big
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Victoria | Contributor, London
Fashion Contributor, London

Victoria lives in the south of Spain, having moved there from her native country Ukraine when she was just a child. She finds herself looking up to timeless icons from past decades including Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Katherine Deneuve and Audrey Hepburn, and longing for sunny afternoons on the French Riviera and walks along the Seine during spring. Always overdressed and dishing out on tailored pieces and shoes – secretly dreaming they were from Dior or Saint Laurent – she dresses for herself rather than others, and would trade breakfast for Vogue or a one way ticket to anywhere beautiful.