Editorial: Karlie Kloss by Bruce Weber for Porter Magazine

1A SUPERMODEL AND AN ADORABLE PUPPY, along with a couple of palm trees and sunshine, are all that is needed for a perfect summer editorial. If the supermodel is the amazonian, long-legged and multifaceted Karlie Kloss, who isn’t only a muse to some of the most celebrated designers, but has also set up a philanthropic line of cookies, and is about to attend NYU to study computer coding, it becomes an impossibly interesting conversation.
2Kloss appears perfectly put together standing on the porch of pastel-coloured houses wearing yellow gingham-printed dresses and floral midi-skirts, swinging on a swing set in a white kaftan, and cuddling an adorable puppy at the sea shore. It seems almost impossible that one of the most successful models of our time, who is constantly being compared to the legendary 90s supermodels, is such a well-rounded individual, seeking perfection in all facets of her life, from business projects to intellectual development. Her venture to remain a well-rounded person who is miles ahead of everybody else should serve as a constant reminder to work on ourselves every day, and combine doing what we love with challenges and new endeavours. —Victoria03 4 05 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13Images via Visual Optimism