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A Letter From the Editor

“Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever” … describes perfectly the mood of the past days & weeks, with so many things happening, seemingly all at once. We have, happily, finally completed a few major projects and have already begun new ones and making travel plans and holiday plans.

Here, at This Is Glamorous, you may have noticed a few new additions to the site: there is now a SEARCH function in the right sidebar of article pages, and many of you have already discovered the NEWSLETTER, or ‘Articles in your Inbox’ feature for receiving summaries of articles each week by email, so as not to miss a thing.

Laily, who has written for the TIG previously, has returned with a new column, La Fêteall about celebrating occasions large & small. Additionally, there is the new feature, Articles of Interest from Around the Internets, a thrice weekly round-up of 5 articles from various sources on the web. We will also be adding to the TRAVEL archives with more Take Me Away features and CITY GUIDES, as well as round-ups of our favourite places.

There are many more extravagantly lovely things to come here—thank you for spending your weekday mornings over coffee with us, and your champagne weekends, and most of all, for taking the time to send along your thoughts, notes, tweets, & instagram likes—you have made This Is Glamorous a community that is intelligent, sophisticated, and all-around charming.




[all images, taken by iphone & instagram, from @thisisglamorous, with the exception of No. 55, which was take by PFM // quote by Horace Mann]
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