Concrete Jungle

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RECENTLY, THERE WAS A LOOK at the exquisiteness that is marble and all of its many beautiful uses in décor, and today, there is nearly quite the opposite: the un-natural, human-made material, concrete.

Concrete is a composite material made mainly of water, aggregate, and cement. Additives and reinforcements are often added and when these ingredients are mixed together, they form a fluid mass that can easily be molded into shape. Over time, the cement forms a hard matrix which binds the rest of the ingredients together into a strong stone-like material that can be extremely versatile.

The earliest use of cement was found 12 million years ago, and following that, the ancient Romans were the earliest large-scale users of concrete technology. The Colosseum in Rome built mainly of the material, and the concrete dome of the Pantheon is the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. Other famous concrete structures around the world include the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam.

Often thought to be a little cold when used for interiors, here are 16 stylish INDUSTRIAL chic examples of concrete used beautifully at home, as kitchen shelves, floors, countertops, sinks, and fireplace mantels . . .

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