Donny’s Bar, Sydney, Australia


Hanging light bulbs and a warm yellow glow, take a seat and you’d be mistaken if you thought you were in a New York turned East London restaurant. Located a million miles away in a northern beachside suburb of Manly in Sydney, Australia lies the industrial-chic space called Donny’s Bar.


Serving Asian-inspired dishes in an atmospheric setting based on a New York loft, the dimly lit space was designed by Australian architects and interior designers Luchetti Krelle.


Restored timber boards, polished copper counters and mesh fencing transform what was once a desolate space into a dark, moody wonderland in which to sip a few drinks or chat over appetisers.



Worn-in leather arm chars, exposed brick walls and spiralling chrome staircases—Donny’s Bar manages to capture the delicate balance between gritty and comfy, making me wish to find refuge there on those dark wintery nights. —Anita



{All photos from Luchetti Krelle & Michael Wee for Dezeen Magazine}