Treehouse Trio by Peter Bahouth

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth (main)

STILL DREAMING about my trip the other week, I’m beginning to miss the tranquility of quiet summer nights & nestling under the twinkling blanket of stars.

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 1

Luckily, I came across this little delight that was designed and built by architect & environmentalist, Peter Bahouth, that reminded me very much of my childhood dream of having my own treehouse wonderland and furthered my love for the outdoors.

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 2Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 6

Cosying up into a creation that includes not only one, but three tree houses linked together by bridges in an Atlanta forest, this place of refuge is decorated with white drapery, glowing fairy lights surrounded by lush greenery, creating a perfect backdrop for what Mr Bahouth called a ‘grown-up fort’ in his own backyard.

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 3Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 4

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 5Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 7

With a living room and a bedroom inside that can also slide out for those looking to get closer to nature, this treehouse trio, individually named ‘Mind’, ‘Body’ and ’Sprit’ is truly magical. —Anita

Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 8Treehouse Trio_Peter Bahouth 9

[Images from photographer Lindsay Appel for My Cool Shed ]