Aerial Summer by Tom Blachford

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the only way is up, and they make a fitting point with this week’s Arts & Culture piece. Looking at life from different perspectives in a collection titled ‘Aerial Summer’ is Australian photographer Tom Blachford, who captured ordinary moments in his hometown of Melbourne and made them spectacular.

Sitting atop an open door helicopter that his girlfriend had hired out for his birthday, 26-year-old self-taught Blachford made certain all weather and shooting conditions were ideal as he snapped 1200 shots of the landscape below, resulting in this slideshow of postcard-worthy aerial shots.

Breathtaking and picturesque, viewers can get lost in the rows and rows of parked cars or float away with the surfers in the Tasman Sea. The repetitive shapes and hypnotic patterns frequently used by Blachford takes everyday situations and transforms them into works of art.

With a clean aesthetic and symmetrical composition, Blachford has now gone on to shoot a range of different editorials for clients including Mercedes Benz, Topshop, Aesop and VHI New York.

As if I didn’t need another reason to visit Australia.  —Anita

{p.s.} more aerial photography

[Images via Tom Blachford’s Behance portfolio & Daily Mail]