Next Goal Wins

This Is Glamorous | Film : Next Goal Wins
Maybe you are already suffering from World Cup overload or soccer just isn’t your thing, but we think you will be absolutely charmed by this uplifting film about soccer that isn’t really about soccer.

Next Goal Wins is a documentary film about the world’s worst soccer team, American Samoa, who infamously lost 31-0 against Australia. The film documents American Samoa as they strive to regain national pride and win a game for the first time, with the help of newly appointed veteran coach Thomas Rongen. The soccer story though, is just a backdrop to the more important story about human spirit, passion, tradition and inclusiveness. In an often cynical world dominated by big business, this film is a refreshing story about people who are truly just doing it for the love.

If you are in NYC, you can catch the film at Cinema Village tomorrow, June 19th. Listings across the US can be found here